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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff That Becomes A Post--How Exciting For You

I really have nothing exciting to blog about today, except to say it's Saturday and I have the day off!  Holy crap! My dreams last night of getting up, working out (the Y closes at noon today for some reason) and being a productive member of society have fallen flat.  I've managed to drink 2 cups of coffee, finish a book (#10!), and update my reading stuff on Bookalicious Babe.  So really, nothing done and it's 11 A.M.  

Welcome to my new followers--I've signed up for a virtual 5k on Detroit Runner so welcome Jeff!  I'm excited to try a virtual run.  It gives me a goal for the next month.  Hannah, welcome, too.  I hope you enjoy my blatherings.

It snowed a bit overnight, but it's the pretty fluffy stuff, so easy to remove from the sidewalks yet again.  I'd really rather get one big blizzard and just shovel once, instead of these little 2-3 inch snows that require shoveling at least 3 times a week.  

Dinner tonight--because I've already thought about it before breakfast--is nachos.  Yum.  Bud and I are stopping in at my niece's housewarming party tonight, then it's home for chow and movies.  Now tomorrow is the big Bears-Packers game.  My family is from Chicago, so of course we're Bears fans.  I must confess I stopped watching football years ago because I get too worked up--shouting, jumping, clammy hands, sweaty brow; out of control.  You should see my sisters.  It's rather frightening.  I won't be home to watch the game, cause I have to work, and I consider that a blessing.  I think I would be anxiously prowling around my house twisting my hands around and around and muttering to myself.  Plus, I think when I watch the Bears, I curse them.  So it's best for them and for me not to watch.  But, I will make "Go Bears!" my mantra tomorrow.  I just hope no one overhears me at the store, or I may be forced to claim a slight touch of fever.  

Bud could care less about football, and doesn't even know the rules.  He says, it's just a game, and next year there will be new people on the team.  Well, yes, but it represents a place, and memories of watching games with my Dad.  That's what's important.

Off to do a FitTV workout--I think I'll pick Jackie Warner today.  She will kick my ass.  And then, off to C-Joy's for some noshing and talking.  

Happy Saturday!


  1. Thanks! I do enjoy them! And you've inspired me to start my own 100 book challenge. Now I have to go back and count the ones I've already read this year. :)

  2. Happy Saturday, ms. caboo! I didn't know you had a football side! Go Bears!

  3. Sounds like you have an exicting life, thanks for sharing.

  4. You get to go to C_Joys? Waaah, some girls have all the fun! LOL

  5. Thanks for coming to our party it was a good night can not wait to see you on the 5th... if u talk to all my other aunts that live in town let them know about the party too :) I remember when we watched the games with grandpa miss him lots :) kim


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