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Friday, January 14, 2011

Is it Wrong to Plan Supper Before Eating Breakfast?

You have to understand I think about food all the time.  It's pretty awful how many brain cells are soaked in food-fueled thoughts.  On this note, I usually wake up in the morning, plan my day at work (which seldom goes to plan), and think about what I'm going to eat for supper that night.  Forget about breakfast, or lunch--supper is number one for me.  My end of the day meal is over the top important and sometimes just thinking about it is what gets me through my day.  How odd is that?

Brushing my teeth this morning, smelling the coffee brewing, my thoughts quickly turned to supper.  I could make lasagna, but uggh--I'm not in the mood for pasta.  It feels very heavy in my head.   Using my newly found fledgling skills of putting together meals from bits and pieces of stuff I have at home, I've decided Bud and I are having breakfast tonight.  An asparagus, ham, and cheese frittata with an orange and banana salad on the side.  

Now, as I move through the day, I will be putting positive thoughts of frittata in my head, so when I do make it tonight, it is all my taste buds will accept in my mouth.  

Speaking of obsessions, I have recently had very naughty thoughts about tomatoes.  What?!  Yep, I have had a sudden and nearly uncontrollable craving for tomatoes.  I want to chop, stir, season, and pile them on bread; roast them in the oven, and make little appetizers with cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and prosciutto.  I think my body needs whatever those shiny red orbs of yumminess possess, and I won't be happy until I get them.  So, supper may include tomato appetizers, too.  I can't put too much stuff in the frittata, or Bud will not eat it.  Too many things mixed together!

Get In My Belly!

What are you obsessively craving in these cold winter months?  The sun doesn't count, people! 


  1. I'm craving pears. Ripe, juicy pears. I know it is a craving because I don't really care for them, but I've had pears on my mind ever since I ordered a Harry & David gift basket for the in-laws :-P

  2. I am ALL OVER breakfast for dinner... Yum Yum Yum!!! Come over and cook for me Sue!


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