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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Have Made A Pact With Crazy Girl

Bud and I spent a lovely weekend away from home looking at all the stuff that is ridiculously priced, swimming in our hotel pool, and enjoying being with each other for 24/7.   Bud even got a bonus flash from me when my halter top came undone in the pool.  Thank God we were alone!  Hey, whatever it takes, ladies; whatever it takes.  

 Even after 9 years together (Feb 2nd is our anniversary of unwedded bliss), we still don't get to spend heaps of time together in one big bunch.  So when we do, I hold his hand all the  time, and just enjoy having him all to myself.  Then we get home, and work duty calls, and life moves on, and we don't see each other for a few days.  

Oh well.  While we were away, we hit two (yes two) Scheel's stores.  And while at Scheel's, I spied the Garmin 110 of my dreams.  I have wanted this since last summer, when it first came out.  But, after my disastrous running this fall, and not running at all for 3-4 months, I had decided that not only did I not need it, but I did not deserve it.  After all, it is for runners.  A club that I forgot to pay my dues to, and had to leave for a bit.  

But there it was--I got to pick it up and read the box!  Oh, how exciting.  I decided then and there, and made sure to tell Bud, that I was going to make a deal with myself.  I have decided that I will "raise" the money for my Garmin myself.  I will put $1.00 in a pot for every mile I run.  When I get to $200, I get to buy my Garmin.  I think it's a good deal, but the other, sane part of myself--the one struggling to run even a mile without whimping out, screamed, yelled, and pulled her hair.  She's desperately trying not to start calculating just how long this will take.  She's really annoyed I told Bud about my deal with myself.  But Bud will keep asking me about it, so I have to do it.  I won't live through the shame.  And I will be able to call myself a runner again.  It's treadmills for me for a few more months, so I will just have to suck it up and learn to love feeling like a hamster running endlessly around and around.  

I again raised the "desire" (it's really kind of a strong word for this) to run outside to Bud.  He, rightly so, put a stop to my wishful thinking.  He knows I will find the one slippery spot and take a nosedive.  And, I would be so pissed off it I did fall, and got hurt, and had to listen to him saying "I told you so."  I only have to wait a few months before I can again enjoy the fresh air hitting my face, my nose running, and stepping in puddles of mud with my previously virginal white shoes.  Oh, and the possible chafing when my headlights are on.  Which they will be.  In the spring.  It's still chilly.  

So, I'm counting the 7 miles I've already done this year towards the Ms. Caboo Garmin Fund.  That's $7.00; only $193.00 to go!  And yes, I will be hitting the gym tomorrow.  


  1. Good luck with getting your Garmin. I have one and I love it.

  2. I believe in you Susie-q... you so can do it! And won't it be worth it, when you reach 200!

  3. Thanks to you both! 200 seems like a helluva long way to lug my chunky self around, but I'm hoping there will be less of me when I hit 200 ;)


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