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Friday, January 28, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Have Some Tunes To Run

I, as many runners do, run with my Ipod.  The only time I don't use it to run is when I'm in an actual race.  I like to see and hear the people around me and know that I'm not the only one sounding like I'm going to pass out.  

Anyway, in my quest to begin running again (man, it's amazing how damn fast I lost any cardio stamina I had), I am listening to more rock n' roll when I run suck air. Sometimes that revved up music will get me going.  It's kinda hard to run fast to Michael Buble and Tony Orlando and Dawn.  Hey, don't judge, people!  A child of the 70's likes Tony Orlando and Dawn.  And Captain and Tenille.  Yes, they also share Ipod space along with the Carpenters and Donna Summer.  Let's just say I have very eclectic  music tastes.  

So, rock n' roll.  I have, of course, Classic Michael Jackson, and Janet, and today I added Pink, Bon Jovi, and Van Halen.  I do have a few recent additions, too.  Quite franky, I don't listen much to the radio in the truck  because then I can't hear myself talking out loud to myself as I drive.  I've already got Queen, Nickelback, and Quiet Riot, too.  It sounds silly, but it's a motivator  to go the gym, get on a treadmill, and start running when you've got new music to listen to.  And, put on the shuffle and you get a surprise every time!  I'm too control-freak about it, so I have to hold the Ipod in my hand and constantly change songs.  But the shuffle is a nice bonus.  And the music I've added for Bud may make it's way over, too.  Ozzy Osborne is always welcome to jam on my Ipod, along with Kiss.  

Sweet Jesus, maybe I should make a mix for when I create more pom-poms!  Any ideas what should be on it?  


  1. Hey there! Noticed that we're both from Iowa! Sounds like you have quite the taste in music!! My favorite band is Heart! I run to them all the time. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I pulled out my old No Doubt CD to add to my workout playlist and I love it. It always give me a little more pep in my step when it comes on.

  3. Yup... Tony Orlando and Dawn... not much age difference between us and i have to say i am judging... lol

  4. Tracy: I dare you to listen to Tony Orlando and Dawn and not bust out a move!

    Hannah: I forgot about No Doubt--I will hit Itunes and check them out!


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