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Friday, January 7, 2011

A Feel Good Grocery Shopping Experience-The Start of a Downward Spiral?

I'm starting off the year attempting to live with a budget.  I don't make tons of money, but I basically go by this rule:  money into savings automatically with each paycheck, pay bills, and whatever is left is what I have to live on for the week.

I waste a lot of money on "stuff", so Bud suggested I have a budget, and he sat down and figured out a weekly budget for me.  I have the envelope system in my purse, which I keep forgetting about until I realize the money isn't in my wallet, mixed up with all of the receipts I cram in it.  I got through the first week pretty well, but that's because I only bought one book, and had money from last week that I added to my "fun budget" for this week.  This is going to suck eggs.  Now, if I didn't have a pile of books at home, I think I would be sitting in the corner, crying and rocking over my lack of reading material.  But, since I do have heaps of books to read, I've remained calm.  I can get through most anything as long as I have a book and a few back up books somewhere in my vicinity.

I spend a lot of money on groceries.  Not having kids means I can buy the good stuff--fresh fruits and veggies, good meat, a bottle of wine or two, and cheese not individually wrapped in plastic.  Bud and I enjoy these goodies quite a bit; if I could walk around with a wedge of parmesan cheese stuck in my mouth all the time I would be blissfully happy!  So my challenge is to shop with a budget.  I got ridiculously excited today, when I went to the store to buy the fixings for supper tonight:  homemade pizza.  The crust mix was on sale: buy one, get one free; the ham I bought will make sandwiches for me and top the pizza, and a bottle of wine was on sale for 3.99.  I have assurances from a friend that this particular "two buck chuck" is tasty for the price.  I also got two bags of frozen chicken boobs for $3.50 each!  

I just watched a show about people obsessed with coupon shopping, and I am frightened for myself.  I don't clip coupons, but I do shop the sales at the grocery store.  It's one mere half step for me to begin the obsessive clipping of coupons, and trolling the internet for deals.  This cannot happen!  

You, my blogging friends, must scream and yell at me if I start talking about coupons, deals, and taking days off to shop for hours so I can stockpile 400 boxes of pasta and enough toilet paper to wrap around the earth twice--all costing me $2.79 after coupons are applied.

Thank you.


  1. LOL LOL... i watched that coupon show too and i thought it was brilliant! And i do the envelope budget thing to, learned it from my mom, so hilarious.

    btw Sue... thanks for the lovely comment on my blog yesterday...

    have a great great weekend with Bud, see ya some time next week.


  2. 2 buck chuck is good! I am by no means a wine expert, but it is definitely tasty...

    I need to work on budgeting better, but it's tough. Good luck!

  3. I may need to take lesson about budgeting. Especially as i spend too much on wine at times. Somethings you ust cant scrimp on tho. Loo paper and coffee also

  4. The two buck chuck was okay; I think I may go back to spending $7.99 on a better bottle of wine! And Mynx, I agree--can't do without good coffee and toilet paper.

    I am fighting urges to recklessly spend $5.00 on "stuff" :)

  5. Which variety of the two buck did you get? I recommend the Malbec or Shiraz. :-)

    Also, Caboo, coupons are a crock, don't fall into the trap that manufacturers are counting on! It will only make you choose processed, preservative filled bad food over food that has been made simply without 500 ingredients and chemicals that you don't know what they are....don't get me going! Stick with your good wine, good cheese, fresh vegetables, and make your own dessert from scratch. You'll be all set! :-) Also, I'll be over to share it with you! ;-)

  6. Eva, we tried the shiraz. Bud said it was ok, but we still managed to force most of the bottle down our throats!

    I promise to not eat the processed crap you talk about. Since we're eating less, I can still buy the good stuff. :)

  7. Are we slimming down to a smaller car to save money as well? Doing our own shopping at Harrods? After all, people in Knightsbridge have to get their food somewhere :-P (Can you tell I got AbFab Everthing?)

  8. Oh C-Joy! If I gave up food totally like Patsy I could get skinny and become an alcoholic... I think I'll stay with food. I would love to go back to Harrods and shop any day.


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