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Monday, January 24, 2011

Exercise for Jack LaLanne Today

Jack LaLanne died at the ripe old age of  96 yesterday.  He was a pretty cool dude.  This guy was pumping iron and was a huge advocate for healthy eating and living for decades before it became the thing to workout.    I think it would be a good idea to take some time to eat a piece of fruit, eat some veggies, or--better yet--exercise today in a tip of the hat to Jack.  

If a 96 year old man can work out, I think I can do the same.  So, after an early morning meeting for work, I will hit the gym and ride the bike and run on the treadmill.  What did you do today to work on a healthy lifestyle?

Those are some impressive guns!

And, sadly, the Bears lost yesterday.  Onward to next football season!  Bud can relax, knowing he won't see his girlfriend lose her mind watching them in the Superbowl.  Phew.  I still am a fan, though.  


  1. Done! Did quickie w/out 1st thing this morning. Put my pedometer on before heading to work, got home & realized I was 1000 steps short of 10K so Turtle & I danced around to get the last few steps. After "Dancing Queen" I retired the pedometer at 10, 210 steps for the day. Are you proud of me Mr LaLanne? :D

  2. Clearly that man knew the secret to a long and healthy life. We should all take a page from his book.


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