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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ah, The Sweet Life

The Frisky Virgin so kindly sent me this award yesterday--thank you!  I'm supposed to tell you about 5 of my guilty pleasures, so here goes:
1.  I love freshly washed sheets.  Silly, I know, but I love getting into bed at night after putting on clean sheets.
2.  I love to eat french onion dip and pretzels.  Sometimes I just gotta have it.
3.  Captain Crunch with Crunch berries.  I can eat a whole box in a few days--Snap!  Same with Coco Puffs.
4.  I like to go out to eat at restaurants by myself for lunch.  These are usually places Bud doesn't like, so instead of never going, I go by myself and have a great lunch.
5.  Um, sometimes I feel  horribly guilty just laying on the couch and reading a book all day.  I will just not do anything 
else all day.  Just read.  I consider it a mental day off from the world.


  1. well Sue... that does sound like the sweet life especially captain crunch and coco puffs! lol And I am all over laying on a couch reading!

  2. And here was me thinking all five guilty pleasures would be about books! LOL

    Love your #1 - one of life's great pleasures. If I was a millionairess, I'd had fresh sheets every day... :)

  3. Another Captain Crunch person! Yay! What is it about that stuff that is so addicting?! LOVE it!!!!

    And you're very welcome--you deserve it!

  4. Of course, we are fortunate enough to live where Capn Crunch is made! I loooooove the days they make it -smells so good :-P

  5. I agree, C-Joy! Sometimes there's nothing better than going to the Y and smelling Crunch berries in the air-you know it's Captain Crunch day at the factory!

    Yes, we really do live where they make Captain Crunch. How fantastic is that?! Where are the oompa loompas?


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