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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Have Made A Pact With Crazy Girl

Bud and I spent a lovely weekend away from home looking at all the stuff that is ridiculously priced, swimming in our hotel pool, and enjoying being with each other for 24/7.   Bud even got a bonus flash from me when my halter top came undone in the pool.  Thank God we were alone!  Hey, whatever it takes, ladies; whatever it takes.  

 Even after 9 years together (Feb 2nd is our anniversary of unwedded bliss), we still don't get to spend heaps of time together in one big bunch.  So when we do, I hold his hand all the  time, and just enjoy having him all to myself.  Then we get home, and work duty calls, and life moves on, and we don't see each other for a few days.  

Oh well.  While we were away, we hit two (yes two) Scheel's stores.  And while at Scheel's, I spied the Garmin 110 of my dreams.  I have wanted this since last summer, when it first came out.  But, after my disastrous running this fall, and not running at all for 3-4 months, I had decided that not only did I not need it, but I did not deserve it.  After all, it is for runners.  A club that I forgot to pay my dues to, and had to leave for a bit.  

But there it was--I got to pick it up and read the box!  Oh, how exciting.  I decided then and there, and made sure to tell Bud, that I was going to make a deal with myself.  I have decided that I will "raise" the money for my Garmin myself.  I will put $1.00 in a pot for every mile I run.  When I get to $200, I get to buy my Garmin.  I think it's a good deal, but the other, sane part of myself--the one struggling to run even a mile without whimping out, screamed, yelled, and pulled her hair.  She's desperately trying not to start calculating just how long this will take.  She's really annoyed I told Bud about my deal with myself.  But Bud will keep asking me about it, so I have to do it.  I won't live through the shame.  And I will be able to call myself a runner again.  It's treadmills for me for a few more months, so I will just have to suck it up and learn to love feeling like a hamster running endlessly around and around.  

I again raised the "desire" (it's really kind of a strong word for this) to run outside to Bud.  He, rightly so, put a stop to my wishful thinking.  He knows I will find the one slippery spot and take a nosedive.  And, I would be so pissed off it I did fall, and got hurt, and had to listen to him saying "I told you so."  I only have to wait a few months before I can again enjoy the fresh air hitting my face, my nose running, and stepping in puddles of mud with my previously virginal white shoes.  Oh, and the possible chafing when my headlights are on.  Which they will be.  In the spring.  It's still chilly.  

So, I'm counting the 7 miles I've already done this year towards the Ms. Caboo Garmin Fund.  That's $7.00; only $193.00 to go!  And yes, I will be hitting the gym tomorrow.  

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Girl's Gotta Have Some Tunes To Run

I, as many runners do, run with my Ipod.  The only time I don't use it to run is when I'm in an actual race.  I like to see and hear the people around me and know that I'm not the only one sounding like I'm going to pass out.  

Anyway, in my quest to begin running again (man, it's amazing how damn fast I lost any cardio stamina I had), I am listening to more rock n' roll when I run suck air. Sometimes that revved up music will get me going.  It's kinda hard to run fast to Michael Buble and Tony Orlando and Dawn.  Hey, don't judge, people!  A child of the 70's likes Tony Orlando and Dawn.  And Captain and Tenille.  Yes, they also share Ipod space along with the Carpenters and Donna Summer.  Let's just say I have very eclectic  music tastes.  

So, rock n' roll.  I have, of course, Classic Michael Jackson, and Janet, and today I added Pink, Bon Jovi, and Van Halen.  I do have a few recent additions, too.  Quite franky, I don't listen much to the radio in the truck  because then I can't hear myself talking out loud to myself as I drive.  I've already got Queen, Nickelback, and Quiet Riot, too.  It sounds silly, but it's a motivator  to go the gym, get on a treadmill, and start running when you've got new music to listen to.  And, put on the shuffle and you get a surprise every time!  I'm too control-freak about it, so I have to hold the Ipod in my hand and constantly change songs.  But the shuffle is a nice bonus.  And the music I've added for Bud may make it's way over, too.  Ozzy Osborne is always welcome to jam on my Ipod, along with Kiss.  

Sweet Jesus, maybe I should make a mix for when I create more pom-poms!  Any ideas what should be on it?  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Are You Reading This Week?

Hey, book lovers!  Follow this link to my other blog, Bookalicious Babe to add what you've been reading to Mr. Linky.  How are you coming on the 2011 Reading Challenge?  We had our first monthly meeting at the bookstore last night, and I am fired up even more to keep reading.  And remember:  you can read any book, or listen to an audio of a book in your book challenge.  But really, reading Dick and Jane if you're an adult doesn't count.  Keep track of what you're reading--you'll be surprised at what you've read and when.  I find myself reading books with similar themes at certain times of the year.  I then promptly break that theme cycle and try and read something different.  I'm not one to read all of a series in one go. Quite frankly, I get sick of characters and need a break.  It's like having guests stay just a bit too long--time to go for a while, so I can enjoy you again in a few months.  

If you haven't read my other blog, I've decided to have a Random Read Monday.  I pick a book off my bookshelves that has been patiently waiting for me to read it, and I have to read it that week before the next Monday.  I'm a bit behind this week (due to a strange misplacement of my book--found it under the couch), but am confident I'll meet my deadline for next Monday.  So if you're overwhelmed by your book choices like I am pretty much every day, well, try this.  Not only do you get through the backlog of books you have, but I get to read some great stuff that a really smart me picked up months ( and sometimes years) ago.

Go on, then, shut off the TV, get off the computer, and relax with a book. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Suzy Homemaker-Not

Baby Bob--1lb, 4oz. born 1/25/11 on my couch
Here's my first baby:  I'll call him Bob.  He looks like a Bob.  It's my first pom-pom, and let me tell you, this took a hell of a long time of winding, winding, winding yarn around my little cardboard donut.  Shit.  Then I had to try and cut through the layers of yarn all the way around the donut, so I could tie it off in the middle.  That took almost as long as the yarn winding.  My fingers are permanently cramped.

It's supposed to have legs, too.  And eyes.  But, I kinda messed up on the legs, and I don't have any buttons for the eyes. So, right now Bob is blind and unable to walk.  He just sits on my table, waiting for Mom to finish her baby.  

I remember pom-poms being much more fun as a kid. Maybe  because I only had one size for a  pattern, it was plastic, and somehow easier to wind.  It was also much smaller.  This pom-pom could probably take over the world.  I think if I made another to match, and glued/taped/stapled them to a bra, Bud could be gifted  a shakey shakey dance for a fun filled night.  Of course, both of us would not be able to stop laughing, so the seductive pom-pom dance would probably fall apart.  

So yes--I gave up a trip to the gym, grocery shopping, and reading a book for two fun filled hours of pom-pom making.  Gee, my life is so fulfilling and exciting!  I'm going to go take a nap and eat banana muffins and ramen noodles.  No, I'm not in my twenties, I'm just taking a day off from adulthood.  Except for birthing Baby Bob.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Exercise for Jack LaLanne Today

Jack LaLanne died at the ripe old age of  96 yesterday.  He was a pretty cool dude.  This guy was pumping iron and was a huge advocate for healthy eating and living for decades before it became the thing to workout.    I think it would be a good idea to take some time to eat a piece of fruit, eat some veggies, or--better yet--exercise today in a tip of the hat to Jack.  

If a 96 year old man can work out, I think I can do the same.  So, after an early morning meeting for work, I will hit the gym and ride the bike and run on the treadmill.  What did you do today to work on a healthy lifestyle?

Those are some impressive guns!

And, sadly, the Bears lost yesterday.  Onward to next football season!  Bud can relax, knowing he won't see his girlfriend lose her mind watching them in the Superbowl.  Phew.  I still am a fan, though.  

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Miscellaneous Stuff That Becomes A Post--How Exciting For You

I really have nothing exciting to blog about today, except to say it's Saturday and I have the day off!  Holy crap! My dreams last night of getting up, working out (the Y closes at noon today for some reason) and being a productive member of society have fallen flat.  I've managed to drink 2 cups of coffee, finish a book (#10!), and update my reading stuff on Bookalicious Babe.  So really, nothing done and it's 11 A.M.  

Welcome to my new followers--I've signed up for a virtual 5k on Detroit Runner so welcome Jeff!  I'm excited to try a virtual run.  It gives me a goal for the next month.  Hannah, welcome, too.  I hope you enjoy my blatherings.

It snowed a bit overnight, but it's the pretty fluffy stuff, so easy to remove from the sidewalks yet again.  I'd really rather get one big blizzard and just shovel once, instead of these little 2-3 inch snows that require shoveling at least 3 times a week.  

Dinner tonight--because I've already thought about it before breakfast--is nachos.  Yum.  Bud and I are stopping in at my niece's housewarming party tonight, then it's home for chow and movies.  Now tomorrow is the big Bears-Packers game.  My family is from Chicago, so of course we're Bears fans.  I must confess I stopped watching football years ago because I get too worked up--shouting, jumping, clammy hands, sweaty brow; out of control.  You should see my sisters.  It's rather frightening.  I won't be home to watch the game, cause I have to work, and I consider that a blessing.  I think I would be anxiously prowling around my house twisting my hands around and around and muttering to myself.  Plus, I think when I watch the Bears, I curse them.  So it's best for them and for me not to watch.  But, I will make "Go Bears!" my mantra tomorrow.  I just hope no one overhears me at the store, or I may be forced to claim a slight touch of fever.  

Bud could care less about football, and doesn't even know the rules.  He says, it's just a game, and next year there will be new people on the team.  Well, yes, but it represents a place, and memories of watching games with my Dad.  That's what's important.

Off to do a FitTV workout--I think I'll pick Jackie Warner today.  She will kick my ass.  And then, off to C-Joy's for some noshing and talking.  

Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Scaredy Cat Challenge: Tai Chi Class

I talked to my brother Dan a few weeks ago and he mentioned again how much he enjoys taking tai chi classes every Monday night.  He's been doing it for about a year after my sister-in-law Connie dragged him to a class, and he quickly became hooked.  He told me it's really incredible how it has made him more flexible, more balanced, and able to put the practices of calm and relaxed into everyday use.  He was a skeptic turned believer.  He urged me again to try out tai chi.  

Well, the only place I can find tai chi is at my Y, and it's at a time when I can't make it to the gym.  Plus, I have no idea where they're at in the class, since this class runs year round.  So I was resigned to using a few DVDs at home.  

Last week,  I got an email from a local yoga studio that is now offering beginning tai chi classes on Thursday nights for 6 weeks.  After discussing it with Bud, I signed up and had my first class last night.  

I think I'm going to like this a lot.  For someone so uncoordinated, I'm a little concerned about getting the movements down, but our teacher is very patient and great at explaining everything.  I know this is going to help me find calm in moments of stress, and learn techniques to help me relax my body.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the classes, and I hope--fingers crossed--that I can continue with this after the first 6 week class is over.  I wonder how it will effect my running...I will be the crazy runner making all sorts of wave gestures with my arms.  But I will be calm and relaxed :)

That's my freaked out challenge.  I hate going to places where I don't know anyone, and pushed myself to do this.  Luckily, it's a very small class--only 6 of us, and that helps.  And even better--no one there feels the need to dress in expensive work out clothes and show off!  Plus we have great bliss music to listen to, and it smells wonderful in the studio.  It's a small space and that makes me more comfortable than a huge, impersonal room.  Plus, there's a shop in front of the studio, so I can walk around and imagine buying everything I want if I had won the lottery.  Let's just say the shop would be emptied out pretty quick.

Yep, I went out in the bitter, angry cold night to get my tai chi groove on.  It was worth it. I learned that there are many different kinds of tai chi, some quite physical; my class is concentrating on the relaxing type of tai chi.  After a day of lifting heavy boxes, my lower back really ached.  After the class, and a few simple moves,  it felt better.  Of course now this class has stirred the curiosity in me to read more about tai chi, read more about the mind-body connection, and pick up my meditation beads and start a 40 day mantra.  Ohmmmmmm.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aw Crap, It's Gonna Be Cold!

First Alert Forecast


    • Fri
      Cold with snow possible
    • Sat
      Partly cloudy, cold
    • Sun
      Continued cold, p/cloudy
    • Mon
      Chance of snow
    • Tue
      P/cloudy, snow possible late
    • Wed
      Partly cloudy
    • Thu
      Cloudy, flurries
    There will be a few morning snow showers across the southeastern corner of Iowa, but only stray flurries for the rest of us today as temperatures struggle to reach near 14. Some of our clouds will clear out tonight allowing arctic air to settle into place. Temperatures tomorrow morning will be near -10 but wind chills could be near -30 in some spots. Those are dangerous conditions that could cause frostbite in just a few minutes, so make sure to bundle up when heading out.  (Updated: 3: 29 AM 1/20/11)

    It's going to be painfully cold out tonight and I have to be out in it, dammit!  Just wanted to crab about it.  Ok, I'm done.

    Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Ah, The Sweet Life

    The Frisky Virgin so kindly sent me this award yesterday--thank you!  I'm supposed to tell you about 5 of my guilty pleasures, so here goes:
    1.  I love freshly washed sheets.  Silly, I know, but I love getting into bed at night after putting on clean sheets.
    2.  I love to eat french onion dip and pretzels.  Sometimes I just gotta have it.
    3.  Captain Crunch with Crunch berries.  I can eat a whole box in a few days--Snap!  Same with Coco Puffs.
    4.  I like to go out to eat at restaurants by myself for lunch.  These are usually places Bud doesn't like, so instead of never going, I go by myself and have a great lunch.
    5.  Um, sometimes I feel  horribly guilty just laying on the couch and reading a book all day.  I will just not do anything 
    else all day.  Just read.  I consider it a mental day off from the world.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    It's Not Much, But It's A Beginning And My Body Thanks Me For It

    Here's the story of a middle aged lady called Sue who got on the treadmill today and ran for the first time in 4 months.  No, the theme from Rocky was not playing, more like The Pet Shop Boys and Quiet Riot on my Ipod.  But, it was inspiring music, and it helped me get through two miles before I stopped running.  I started out walking, moved up to 5.7 speed, then 6.0, then eventually had to slow back down again 'cause this out of shape body was in shock!  But every time I stopped to walk, I would make myself bump up the speed even more as a punishment.  So, the final .20 I ran at 6.5, which is me hoofing it.  It feels kinda good, though, cause you pick up your feet and move with those knees kicking up and your breath sounding like a train coming down the tracks.  

    I didn't feel like I wanted to pass out, I got my heart rate up gradually and kept it up, and got an ugly sweat.  It helps that there are no bleeping fans turned on at the Y, so it's like running outside in the summer at about 80 degrees.  Yuck.  My legs felt like jelly, but I walked around the track a few times, then got on the bike and rode 3 miles.  I had to cut it short, cause I had so many errands to run this morning so I could get home and relax this afternoon.  I feel pleasantly sore from today's exercise and yesterday's upper body workout thanks to FitTV--my triceps are aching!  Seriously, it's a 27 minute workout that seems harmless, but works everything pretty well.

    I am so happy I got on that damn treadmill.  It broke the barrier of anxiety and fear I've had for the last few months.  Once you've done well at running, then you blow it and have to start all over again, it's kinda tough to get into the mental game.  But I did, so now I can start keeping track of my mileage.  It will be slow progress, but it will happen.  

    Off to make chicken soup for Bud, do laundry, finish a book, and take a nap!  And yes, I am eating Ding Dongs, along with a lovely cup of coffee.  Yum.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    A New Week, A New Beginning (Hopefully!)

    Ah, Monday.  I always work on Monday nights, so it's a bit of a mixed bag for me.  Mondays usually are an early morning meeting at work, then going back at 4pm to work til 10:30.  I'm off on Tuesdays, which is how I get through Monday night!  In the spring and summer, I usually go out and run on Monday mornings, but in the winter, oh God, the slacker in me takes over.  No meeting this morning due to the icky weather, so I got to sleep in til 7:30.  I made some chocolate banana muffins and had some hot chocolate and dived into a new book.  

    You will be proud of me, however.  I actually did a workout on FitTV today!  Woohoo Sue!  It's a upper body workout that is about 27 minutes long, and is part of a series called 10 LB Blast.  It doesn't sound like much, but my golly, I had a sweaty body and aching arms when I was done.  Plus, a good heart rate.  I immediately went outside and shoveled  snow while I was still warm from the workout.  Now I'm starving, and only a roast beef sandwich from the Hy-Vee deli  will make me feel better.

    Now I have to go to work.  Phooey.  But I was so happy to finally be able to add a workout to my 30 Day Challenge online.  Tomorrow is gym day.  I'm riding the bike, and I'm going to hit the treadmill to try some easy running.  My scaredy cat appointment is coming up in a few days, and I'll share my first experience afterwards. 

    And can I say my cooking has been rockin' this past week?  How did Bud get so lucky to have a girlfriend that cooks every week?  We've had BBQ ribs, frittata, pasta with meatballs, roast pork loin and stuffing, and roasted asparagus and broccoli. Plus, I've managed to feed him roasted potatoes three times with nary a complaint--except I did run out of ketchup.   What the heck am I going to make this week?   Time to tackle the recipe books...I think Mexican is in the mix 'cause I've been craving it and the cravings are getting LOUD.

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    Battling the Ennui Brain Cells

    Bud asked me yesterday over the phone if I had worked out; of course I had to say "no".  My whole visualizing program--you know, if you can picture it in your head, you can achieve it--has been a complete and utter failure.  The pictures in my head were flat out fantastic--if anything, I have realized I have one hell of an imagination!  All the wine I've enjoyed over the past few years has not effected that part of my brain.  Phew.  My ennui brain cells, however, are firmly in control and stop any attempts to actually move and work out.  

    So in order to put myself into the "do it or shame yourself" category, I have signed up online with Map My Fitness to do a 30 Days, 30 Miles running challenge, and a 30 Days, 15 Workouts Challenge.  Sounds pretty simple.  I think the 30 miles  will help kick start my slow progress back to the world of running.  I read a blog  called The Daily Garnish about how to run on the treadmill and actually enjoy it, so I'm going to give that a shot.  Surely I can run a mile at a time if I break it down into segments, right?  (Shake your head yes, I will see it!)
    And, I have something exciting starting next week, but I don't want to say anything yet and jinx it.  Needless to say, I am listening to the powers that be, cause I paid attention to the signs.  I will share more about it at the end of next week.  Oooh, what could it be?  Just a scaredy cat challenge for myself--and it does not involve a spinning class!

    I'm not telling Bud about the challenge, cause he would not believe I would do it.  So, it's going to be a surprise for him after I've been doing it awhile, and a surprise for me too, that I actually do it.  January is a month of new beginnings for many, but I'm finding once again that January is recovery from Retail Hell month for me.  I don't want to do anything but hibernate, read, and sleep.  So here's my kick off to kicking myself in the ass and pushing myself out the door.  Maybe the gym bag I've had packed for three days now will actually be put to use. 

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Is it Wrong to Plan Supper Before Eating Breakfast?

    You have to understand I think about food all the time.  It's pretty awful how many brain cells are soaked in food-fueled thoughts.  On this note, I usually wake up in the morning, plan my day at work (which seldom goes to plan), and think about what I'm going to eat for supper that night.  Forget about breakfast, or lunch--supper is number one for me.  My end of the day meal is over the top important and sometimes just thinking about it is what gets me through my day.  How odd is that?

    Brushing my teeth this morning, smelling the coffee brewing, my thoughts quickly turned to supper.  I could make lasagna, but uggh--I'm not in the mood for pasta.  It feels very heavy in my head.   Using my newly found fledgling skills of putting together meals from bits and pieces of stuff I have at home, I've decided Bud and I are having breakfast tonight.  An asparagus, ham, and cheese frittata with an orange and banana salad on the side.  

    Now, as I move through the day, I will be putting positive thoughts of frittata in my head, so when I do make it tonight, it is all my taste buds will accept in my mouth.  

    Speaking of obsessions, I have recently had very naughty thoughts about tomatoes.  What?!  Yep, I have had a sudden and nearly uncontrollable craving for tomatoes.  I want to chop, stir, season, and pile them on bread; roast them in the oven, and make little appetizers with cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, and prosciutto.  I think my body needs whatever those shiny red orbs of yumminess possess, and I won't be happy until I get them.  So, supper may include tomato appetizers, too.  I can't put too much stuff in the frittata, or Bud will not eat it.  Too many things mixed together!

    Get In My Belly!

    What are you obsessively craving in these cold winter months?  The sun doesn't count, people! 

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Reading A Go-Go and Pure Irritation at My Shoes

    I must say, I am astonished with myself.  I've managed to read 6 books since January 1st!  Hot dog!  I think I have only accomplished this by being super lazy and only doing the minimal things in order to survive while I'm buried in a book:  brush teeth, make coffee, work when I have to, and occasionally eat.  Oh, and I am bathing, too; it's another way to get in some reading--lounging in the tub.  

    This is the first year ever in my life that I've attempted to keep track all year of my reading titles.  My Nookcolor is getting a workout, and the bookshelves are trembling with the thought that some spots will be vacant for a bit.  And--I've only bought one actual book.  That is a bit sad to me; it must be how other women feel when they don't have a new pair of shoes or a new purse on a regular basis.  Oh--I do need a new pair of shoes for work!  With my new budget, I will have to combine two week's worth of spending money to get them.  How annoying and pissy that is making me.  So for right now, I am wearing my black shoes that have no black around the toes or on the sides because I've rubbed it off by kneeling on the floor at work, shelving, or finding books for customers.  And the lovely salt that is all over the roads, sidewalks, parking lots, and our store floor at work has managed to wear some of it off, too.  I only buy quality shoes, can you tell? :P

     I look a bit like Orphan Annie.  I do go to work, take off my coat, and double check real quick to see if I have everything on correctly.  Seriously, sometimes I think I've forgotten a bra and have to feel myself up to make sure.  Have you ever been so out of it in the morning that you can't remember if you put a bra on?  It's either that, or I'm heading into old age at a rapid pace.  I did leave the house once, and a pair of undies fell out of my pants.  Thank God I was still in my driveway.  I guess I should use those static sheets in the dryer more often.

    I've managed to not use any coupons at the store this week so you can all heave a collective sigh of relief that I haven't lost my mind just yet.  I'm using creative ways (and internet recipes) to make meals for Bud and I with what I have at home.  Extra broccoli slaw I bought for last Saturday's family Christmas is being used tonight in a made up slaw to go along with some BBQ country style ribs I have in the crockpot.  It took me three days to eat the slaw I made for my family because they're a bunch of weenies who don't eat anything that looks "different".  Anything that has ramen noodles in it can't be bad!  Needless to say, I brought back a whole container of it.  My brownies, on the other hand, were gone in minutes, with only crumbs left in the pan.  Broccoli or brownies?  You can see how my family leans.  Sugar and meat run sluggishly through our veins.  There are no vegetarians in my family.  

    Alright, enough rambling.  I'm off to start another book, finish laundry, maybe take a nap, and try out a new workout DVD I  bought last week called Core Fusion.  I've heard great things about it, and there are 15 10 minute workouts to try.  Of course I may limit myself to only one right now.  I wouldn't want to shock my body right away; must ease into it.

    Sunday, January 9, 2011

    Sound Bites From A Family Christmas Party

    I have a large family.  I love them all.  We are weird.  Here are some random sound bites from our annual Christmas party:

    "You kids don't know how to play Bloody Mary correctly.  You need a bathroom, a mirror, and lights off.  Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody  Mary!  What you're playing is called tag in the dark!"

    "And then I told the woman at the desk, my name is Jeremy C**till; call my wife, and call an ambulance.  I'm going to pass out."

    "I will not hold your head if you throw up when we get home."

    "I bet a brownie dipped in this chocolate vodka would taste really good."

    " I know!  bake a pan of brownies, let them cool, poke holes in them, then pour the chocolate vodka on them and refrigerate."

    "Tin Stealer!"

    "The mint thingies aren't green!"

    "Bourbon balls?  I love bourbon balls!"

    "Jeremy, when I'm 90, and you're 80, and you see me standing still, then losing my balance for no good reason, will you tell me, please?!"

    "How's the Ipod?"  answer: "Still playing music."

    "Next year, the party is at my house, and we will have a karaoke machine."

    "Please make sure you have I Will Survive and I will sing it!"

    "Is that container full of hamburger meat? My God, that's a lot of hamburger meat! Can I take some home?"

    "I brought  my own plastic baggies for leftovers"

    "It's not a unicorn!  It's a dragon!"

    "Does Bud  have dimples?  He does?  This is his son."  "Dammit, he told me he may have kids out there somewhere!"

    "Can we go home yet?"  "No."

    It's good it's only once a year.  I think we set a prime example of responsible adulthood for all of my nieces and nephews.  Of course, a majority of them are adults, so I guess we can see the results of our grand experiments while we "babysat" them at Mom and Dad's house.  Oops.

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    A Feel Good Grocery Shopping Experience-The Start of a Downward Spiral?

    I'm starting off the year attempting to live with a budget.  I don't make tons of money, but I basically go by this rule:  money into savings automatically with each paycheck, pay bills, and whatever is left is what I have to live on for the week.

    I waste a lot of money on "stuff", so Bud suggested I have a budget, and he sat down and figured out a weekly budget for me.  I have the envelope system in my purse, which I keep forgetting about until I realize the money isn't in my wallet, mixed up with all of the receipts I cram in it.  I got through the first week pretty well, but that's because I only bought one book, and had money from last week that I added to my "fun budget" for this week.  This is going to suck eggs.  Now, if I didn't have a pile of books at home, I think I would be sitting in the corner, crying and rocking over my lack of reading material.  But, since I do have heaps of books to read, I've remained calm.  I can get through most anything as long as I have a book and a few back up books somewhere in my vicinity.

    I spend a lot of money on groceries.  Not having kids means I can buy the good stuff--fresh fruits and veggies, good meat, a bottle of wine or two, and cheese not individually wrapped in plastic.  Bud and I enjoy these goodies quite a bit; if I could walk around with a wedge of parmesan cheese stuck in my mouth all the time I would be blissfully happy!  So my challenge is to shop with a budget.  I got ridiculously excited today, when I went to the store to buy the fixings for supper tonight:  homemade pizza.  The crust mix was on sale: buy one, get one free; the ham I bought will make sandwiches for me and top the pizza, and a bottle of wine was on sale for 3.99.  I have assurances from a friend that this particular "two buck chuck" is tasty for the price.  I also got two bags of frozen chicken boobs for $3.50 each!  

    I just watched a show about people obsessed with coupon shopping, and I am frightened for myself.  I don't clip coupons, but I do shop the sales at the grocery store.  It's one mere half step for me to begin the obsessive clipping of coupons, and trolling the internet for deals.  This cannot happen!  

    You, my blogging friends, must scream and yell at me if I start talking about coupons, deals, and taking days off to shop for hours so I can stockpile 400 boxes of pasta and enough toilet paper to wrap around the earth twice--all costing me $2.79 after coupons are applied.

    Thank you.

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Digital Dream Board for 2011

    I found a wonderful way to visualize your aspirations for this year:  a digital dream board.  Thanks to Krista for posting this on my Facebook  page!  What a fantastic idea.  Here's my board for the coming months:

    Digital board
    Click on the "digital board" link and start your own board.  It's a lot of fun!

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Spinning Class Vs. Ms. Weenie: Guess Who Won?

    I thought this was going to be me today; the chick sweating on the spinning bike in class. 
    Not so much.

    I got a reminder today that I am sorely out of shape.  Like so out of shape I almost passed out in class out of shape.  Yep.  I made it ten minutes into the class, and started to feel light-headed.  My heart was pounding away, and I was sweating.  I had to stop a few times and just not even pedal.  I also had to get off the bike and stand holding it, because I felt kinda woozy.  

    I finally got off the bike, and sat up against the wall on the floor.  This while the class is going on, the music is really loud, and I'm the only one not pedaling.  

    "Are you okay?" The instructor yelled over the music.  I limply nodded my head, desperately trying to calm down my heart and not pass out.  Then the "I'm gonna vomit!" feeling started up.  My vision, sparkling with lots of pretty lights, managed to picture me tossing up peanut butter toast into my towel, on the floor of the spinning class.  All while everyone else kept spinning!

    I got up, walked to the bathroom, and sat next to one of the toilets, feeling ready to heave.  The instructor came in, checked on me, then left to get someone else.  I said I felt puckey, not dehydrated, and clutched the toilet handle.  Yes, I felt that out of it that I clutched the toilet handle in a public bathroom.  And was sprawled on the floor.  Oh, what a pretty sight.

    Another Y worker came in, checked on me, got my water, towels, and Ipod from the classroom, and came back.  I was feeling better, and got up.  I told her I would go to the locker room, sit for a bit, and go home.  By then I had become drenched in sweat.  She said I had color back in my face; when she had come in before, I was a bit white.  That made me realize I really was thisclose to fainting.  When I exercise, my face is really red and my freckles pop out.

    Feeling like a total tool, I got dressed, sat for a bit, and called Bud.  I told him my tale of woe, and at first he kinda laughed at me, but then he realized I was serious.   Then I got the lecture about eating too much and being waaaay out of shape.  I was still too pooped to care what he said about that stuff.  Geez, I know!  

    I got home, and  Bud called me three times to check on me.  It freaks him out when I don't feel good.  I think I just got my heart rate up too fast, and things weren't getting to where they needed to be.  I can say, that after only 10 minutes of spinning, my legs hurt!  I'm sure an hour will wear me out like a wet dishrag.

    So, I have to readjust my plans for becoming healthier, and start at the absolute bottom.  Elliptical, bike, and strength training.  I'm going to try some short runs (try a mile or two) on the treadmill, too, so I can start to get my heart rate up without passing out.  I will go back to that damn spinning class in a few months and power through the whole thing!  I will not be defeated!  Now I'm seriously annoyed!

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    A Good 2011 So Far!

    I've had two days off in a row, and I must say if the rest of the year goes like they have, I'm pretty hyped up about it!

    I have slept so much it's very abnormal for me.  I don't feel like the life has been sucked out of me.  I've made two new recipes, and most wonderful of all, have spent most of these two days with Bud.  We rarely ( and I mean rarely) have breakfast together, since we don't live together.  But this weekend, Bud was here both mornings so I got to make breakfast and lay on the couch with him watching really stupid reality TV shows.  We've spent more time together in the last two days that we have in months, and I am one happy girl.  I know it won't last, because life will interfere, but I am certainly holding it close and enjoying our time.  

    I read my first book of 2011, and am reading a few others on my Nookcolor.  I checked out two from the library, and am now under the gun to get them read in the next two weeks before they disappear off my Nook! I also discovered that "Dr. G, Medical Examiner" is now on FitTV and today is a marathon show session.  I am in heaven!  I love anything to do with forensics.

     I thought about going to the gym today, but realized I would not get on any equipment, and would fight others for hand weights and room to do floor exercises.  Tomorrow starts my goal to get my money's worth of my gym membership each week.  I'm really excited about breaking an ugly sweat and listening to new music on my Ipod.     It's always a motivator!  

    Saturday, January 1, 2011

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Bud and I spent a lovely evening with our friends K & J for dinner and a visit.  We made it home and promptly fell asleep on the couch until 11; when I decided we should give each other a New Year's kiss just in case we didn't make it til 12.  Well, we did wake up at 11:55, gave each other a smooch, then toasted the New Year with a shot of limoncello.  Too tired to drink a whole bottle of champagne!

    I'm so excited to start a new year.  I think for me, it's a mental clean slate and I can write down some goals and work on them with some enthusiasm.  So, what are my goals this January 1st?  Well, my first big goal is to start on my reading challenge.  Then, after some advice from J (thanks, dude!) about getting my running in shape, I'm hitting the gym.  Now that my schedule is coming back to normalcy, I can actually make plans to hit the gym with some regularity.  New recipes are in store for Bud to try, and making better choices when we eat.  

    Sadly, I've said goodbye to Big Macs (had my last one Thursday), goodbye to Ho Ho's (had the last one Friday morning), and chinese take out from the grocery store for lunch.  Boo Hoo!  Whaaaaa!  Sniff sniff. *blowing nose now*.  Ahem.  Shake it off.  I'm okay now.

    So what are you doing this New Year?  I'm staying in my sweats and drinking coffee, reading a book, and cleaning up the Christmas from the house.  I will be forced to go out later to the grocery store to get the ingredients for dinner tonight.  It's -9 with the wind chill, and I don't wanna go outside.  

    Cheers everyone!