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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Vacuuming Bliss

I'm not the kind of woman who wants jewelry, or obsesses over shoes and handbags.  I like nice things, but I'd rather buy a book than clothes.  

But I got a new vacuum, and let me tell ya, I am one happy camper!  It's silly to get excited over a new vacuum, but I am.  I somehow managed to kill my old one last week.  I started her up, and either ran over something harsh, or it just decided to act like it wanted to blow up.  I "attempted" to fix it, then decided that after 16 years, it was time to part ways.  I quickly moved it to the basement, and didn't tell Bud about the broken vacuum because I didn't want him to try and fix it, and I didn't want him to get the impression that he should run out and buy me one for Christmas.  A woman must buy her own vacuum!  Plus, I really needed to use it pronto.  

I checked some websites, and once again, Hoover is still on top.  Yes, I would love a Dyson, but really-- I cannot spend that kind of money on a vacuum for a house that's less than 700 square feet!  I could spend that much on a plane ticket for a vacation!  Way more fun.  I don't care about vacuums when I'm in Vegas.

Kohl's had the vacuum I wanted.  It was on sale, and I had a coupon for another 15% off, but not until two days later.  Yes, I went to Kohl's at 7 AM that day to buy my vacuum before I went to work.  I got a good price and even better, that new vacuum smell came with it!

So I've just put my vacuum together, and 'hoovered' my house.  I even used the fabulous little upholstery brush to vacuum my couch.  Oh, the thrill of it!  The simple things that make me happy.

I guess I am one of those women who would be super duper happy to get a mixer, a blender, or a snow blower.  Hmm... Santa, are you listening?


  1. I dont mind appliances if they are something i dont have. Asked and got a breadmaker one christmas and was rapt. But never a replacement. Nope. Not is you want to live lol

  2. Oooh, vacuum cleaner..........ours is worthless, but still works (maybe it should "meet" with a fatal accident). I got a new mop for my classroom though -it is a joy to mop again :-P

  3. Oh! Reading about your new vacuum has made me face the reality that I hate our vacuums! I've been forced to use Eddie's, which sucks, and mine is a Kirby from the 70's that used to be my parents! Yikes!


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