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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Me And The Treadmill--I Remembered What I Forgot!

It was an earth-shattering moment today--I'm sure you felt the earth shift just a bit around 1:30 Central Time:  I went to the gym.  I had to confess to one of the personal trainers, (Wendy) that no, I hadn't been going early in the morning, I just hadn't been going at all.  Guilt times ten!

I've realized a few things from my visit to the gym today:
1.  I am pathetically out of shape.  Really bad.
2.  I can run again!  But, referring to the above statement, I can't run very far without wimping out.  I can't believe I ever trained and ran a marathon.  It seems like eons ago.  I have much work to do!
3.  The spinning classes, as explained by Wendy, are fun and not packed with people,  so I should go. 
4.  There's a mini-YMCA that opened near my house that has super cool new bikes that have screens so you can program a bike ride on paths around the world.  Sweet!  And the handles move, so you feel like you're really riding an actual bike.  I will be checking out this new mini-Y before everyone knows about it and it gets crowded.
5.  I inexplicably crave McDonald's after working out.  Have no clue why.  Just do.
6.  I don't enjoy running on a treadmill.  It's like parsley to me:  I think if I try it enough, I'll like it.  But no, I don't.  But I'll run on the treadmill through the winter months anyway.  However, no parsley, thank you.
7.  At home, the pumpkin bread I made had a huge hole in the middle, and wasn't baked all the way through. Now I know that adding a tablespoon of baking soda, instead of a teaspoon, will result in bread with no middle.  Into the trash after a taste--will try again later this week.  It tasted really good, just looked like someone put their fist in the middle of it.

So I feel good after hitting the gym, but my performance was sub-par.  Just getting down there, and putting on my work out clothes made me feel less sluggish and happier.  Will I get down to the gym before Christmas?  Who knows.  If I plan it, I will certainly not do it.  I will be one of those people in January who make a huge effort to kick start the year by setting a new habit--and that habit will not be eating my weight in food!  Spin classes will be on my list for sure.  My only hope is that I don't fall off the bike.  

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