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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Being The Hostess Saved Me From A Hangover

God Bless Bud for preparing enough pomegranate martinis for 8 adults to have at least two each.
They're all gone.  Nothing left.  And some people had beer along with the martinis.  
I was busy playing hostess, which is a blessing in disguise.  It keeps me from just sitting and noshing all night.    I enjoy having people over, puttering in the kitchen, and making sure everyone has enough to eat and drink.  I had the Christmas Fire DVD on my TV, Christmas music on my computer playing in the background, and the whole house was ablaze with lights and candles.  
You could move around, but just barely.  Baked spaghetti, cheese ravioli, garlic bread, and salad fed them all.  My sister made a scrumptious appetizer of toasted bread, olive oil, tomatoes, and basil cheese. 
I can say the party was a hit, and I didn't eat too much, or drink too much.  I did enjoy a few drinks, but didn't catch a buzz--phew. Even after a last minute addition of Apple Pie (a potent concoction of everclear and apple cider) I was still on my feet, monitoring the steadily increasing noise.  My God, my family is very noisy.  Especially when they've all have a few drinks, and then gift exchanges happen. I think my sisters and I talk so fast and loud that our voices  can only be heard by dogs. They really do reach a pitch that makes me stop and think, Lord, we sound really annoying.  But we had so much fun!  And I was so glad my sister Debbie and niece Kelli drove from Illinois to spend a few hours at my place.  Although I missed Amber.  She'll be back in January.  And even though my camera was charged and ready to go, I forgot to take any pictures. 

So here I am, up early, ready to go to work with just a teeny tiny bit of foggy brain.  I've had a few cups of coffee, and french onion dip with pretzels for breakfast.  What can I say?  Oatmeal just didn't sound very good.    Sometimes a girl needs french onion dip.

Tonight, between coming down off the fun of last night, and the horrible weather that is predicted, I will be lounging on the couch and watching a movie.  And eating leftovers from last night.  That baked spaghetti was pretty tasty.  

If you're still not in the Christmas mood, have a few people over. Make a special drinky, have some easy appetizers,  and you'll soon find yourself in the spirit and ready for Christmas!


  1. Sounds like you had fun, good for you. I thought about having a little get together, but first I would have to find somebody to invite, the I'd have to clean the house....there goes the idea...

  2. Aww, it sounds like so much fun! Wish I could have been there! I sure would have enjoyed those pomegranate martinis myself! Congrats on the 100rd books!

  3. We missed you, Amber! See you in a few weeks. And yes, you would have liked the drinkies--your Mom certainly did!


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