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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day--The Quiet Before The Storm

It's the day before the day before madness begins!  In other words, it's Wednesday.  Friday morning will find me at work at 6 AM  (I feel very sorry for those other worker bees  who have to be at work at 3 AM!) ready to put books and NOOKs in the hands of customers.  I will probably go home from work and take a nap. Saturday will be less crazy, since most people will spend their money on Friday or wait until the next weekend.  Everything is on sale all the time, so you'd be hard pressed not buy something that wasn't on sale or has a coupon.

So what does Thanksgiving mean to me?  Unfortunately, for the past 20 years of retail work, it means the beginning of absolute nuttiness.  I really would much rather stay home and have a quiet dinner and be a sloth all day, but as we all know, Thanksgiving is meant for being with others.  Bud and I will be at different places this year--I have decided to go to my sister's  house to stuff my face along with two other sisters and their families.  Bud is staying home with his parents and will probably hunt during the morning.  I will find a relaxing spot with a glass of wine and a book and settle in to wait for our meal.  Then I must go home and prepare something (I'm thinking pumpkin bars) for our annual "Can't Get Out Of The Parking Lot" Potluck at work.  Seriously.  Whomever designed the parking lot in front of our strip mall was an idiot.  It becomes a big clusterf**ck with deadlocked traffic.  So if you leave to get something to eat, you will be gone waaay past your lunch time--and probably won't find a parking spot again.  

What am I bringing to our Thanksgiving?  Homemade applesauce, a few pies (not homemade--not brave enough), and a cheeseball.  And a bottle of wine--for me.  No one else drinks wine.  And maybe a pillow, to sleep on when I fall asleep after eating too much!

So everyone have a great Thanksgiving!  Christmas will be here before you know it.  Ho Ho Ho :)


  1. ahhhh, I remember quite well the days of reatil craziness on Black Friday and every day after that until the middle of January. Good luck maintaining sanity!

    And Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. oh my lord... we don't have those crazy black fridays up here... although we all hear about them and see them on the news... i so feel for you.... i hope you get to enjoy your day today even without Bud being by your side... Have a great day darlin, and i will be thinking of you tomorrow!

  3. Thanks to you both! Black Friday isn't so bad at my store...thank god I don't work at Target or Wally World. Those poor people will be run over by carts and graspy people who think they will die if they don't get a lousy piece of electronic equipment for $9.95. It's $9.95 for a reason! It's garbage!!

    Have a wonderful Turkey day, even if you don't celebrate it this Thursday.


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