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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Souffle for Two--The Salad Was Much Better!

Well, tonight was my cheese souffle attempt.  I found a pretty decent recipe online that didn't require folding in egg whites and seemed pretty simple, with guaranteed results.

So I bought a souffle dish at Target, bought my three cheeses and other ingredients, and made sure Bud knew to be at my house at exactly the moment when I would take it out of the oven, since eating a souffle right away is critical.  

My souffle dish did not meet the 22 oz required in the recipe--it was bigger.  When I poured the mixture into the dish, it didn't come up very far.  Dang.  So, I beat a few more eggs, milk, and sour cream ( this is not your standard souffle!) and added it to what was in the dish.  I couldn't add more cheese, since the cheese was already on the bottom of the dish and covered with the egg mixture.  

I made breadsticks and a fabulous salad from the Barefoot Contessa to go with the souffle:  her Cape Cod Chopped Salad includes bacon, dried cranberries, walnuts, blue cheese, and chopped apple.  It was awesome!  The combination of salty, sweet, and tangy hit the mark.  I will definitely make this more often.  So while we waited for the souffle we ate the salad and breadsticks.  Bud really like the salad and of course, the breadsticks, so at least they were a hit!

The souffle, not so much.  The middle wasn't quite done.  It looked pretty good, but didn't puff up or brown as high as it should have.  I think this was because the dish was just a tad too big.  It did puff up pretty good, just not up and over the rim.  Bud ate a little bit of it, and I ate a chunk of it.  Not much taste to it at all.  So that was a bust.  Bud  was not impressed.  I will try making another one sometime, but with a different recipe and more cheese!  And I won't try and feed it to Bud.  I took a few pictures, but since this can be called a not so good souffle, I won't show them.  

So dinner was a half good, half bad situation.  We both discovered a really delicious salad, and ate our weight in breadsticks.  Bud does not like his eggs poofy.  But by golly, he stepped up to the plate and tried it!  Now that's a pretty sweet dude.  

Onward to the rest of my Cooking Bucket List! 

 I fear for his life when I make a homemade pie.  


  1. You go girl!!!!!!! I ate a rather tasteless quiche tonight I must say... The salad sounds awesome, I am going to have to check it out!


  2. I love quiche; sometimes when I can't think of anything to make, I buy one at the deli at Target and heat that up for dinner. Luckily, Bud likes quiche so all is well. The Barefoot Contessa pretty much has impeccable taste, so anything of hers you make is really good!


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