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Monday, October 25, 2010

One Last Quasi-Peaceful Week Before A Packed November!

I think I may have jumped into the crazy wagon and taken over the steering wheel.  Since I am a person who cannot accomplish much without having so much to do that I panic, I have decided November will be the kind of month that will either make me stronger, or break me into teeny tiny pieces of gibberish, rocking in the corner, stuffing my face with old Halloween candy.  

Here's what I have decided to do.  I am, for the second year in a row, taking part in NaNoWriMo, which is a challenge to anyone who writes, or wants to write.  You have the month of November to write a 50,000 word novel.  It doesn't matter what it's about, or even if it's good at all.  What matters is, basically, throwing up words on paper to reach that magical goal of 50,000 words by midnight, November 30th.  Your reward?  A slap on the back, and the knowledge that you just wrote a novel in 30 days.  Then, you go back and rewrite, edit, and basically re-do all the stuff you typed in feverishly late at night, or for me, very early in the morning.  

Official NaNoWriMo mug you can get for yourself!

I tried this last year, and failed miserably.  I think I got to 5000 words before I fell hopelessly behind.  Either you have a marathon writing session every few days, or each day you write approximately 1700 words.  It's not easy, but it can be a lot of fun.  Check out their website, and sign up!  I realized yesterday I had to get cracking and figure out a basic story, so I've been jotting down ideas on pieces of paper that I must now gather and get in some order, to be prepared for the start next Monday.  

So, I've got a novel to write, and Pom-Poms to make, and work, and lavender to finish harvesting, and lots of frozen bananas and canned pumpkin to make into bread.  And, Christmas gifts to think about.  Oh, and a Christmas cake to make with C-Joy and then remember to feed with booze on a regular basis, so Bud and I can eat it on Christmas Eve.  Or, maybe just me eating it.  He may not touch it.  Thank God I don't have to mow anymore!  Geez, that just might break me.  Oh yes-- and work will be crazy, setting up for Christmas, and doing my level best customer service to put the perfect books in customer's hands.  Reading every day, too, to keep my sanity and have some Calgon moments.  Now where is that Mad Housewife wine I blogged about yesterday?

So this weekend, before the craziness begins, I have some fun time with my friends.  I'm going to my first ever tailgating experience with K & J before the Iowa game, and then on Sunday C-Joy and I will be concocting our Christmas cakes.  And, of course, putting on my witchy hat for the trick or treaters Sunday night.  Oh, how I love to hand out treats to the kiddies!  Maybe I will be able to stay up past midnight to begin "The SuperSue Novel of Brilliant Writing That Must Be Read".   Yep, that's what I've decided to call it--or, for short, "The Nutcase Novel".    So my birthday in November may very well be my last, if the novel, Pom Poms, banana and pumpkin breads, and assorted craziness overtakes me!  Don't even get me thinking about Thanksgiving....


  1. I can relate--I never intentionally load myself down with stuff to do, but it always turns out that way. Reckon I like to challenge. lol

    Love the idea of the 30-day novel!!! You can do it!!!:)

    Oh, Christmas cake!!! Yum!!!!

  2. I'm loving this and I completely agree... There's something about the cooler weather that makes me think that if I eat all these extra fall inspired foods, that my body won't notice... ahahhaa yeah right!
    p.s. loving that photo of you with your husband {i think?} entitled, worth the wait.. I'm going through a really sad break up and I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever meet 'him'
    xox tash

  3. Oh my god...we are going to be muddling through NaNoWriMo together!!!
    Can you believe November 1st is Monday?? I am looking forward to it but am scared out of my brain!
    We will have to cheer each other on!


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