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Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Night With the Family

Two of my nephews feeling no pain and definitely not being reserved!

Saturday my niece got married.  Having a lot of brothers and sisters is one of the best things ever, but it means we don't always get to see each other, even though most of us live within 30 minutes of each other.  This was a great opportunity to see my nieces and nephews, who live here, there, and everywhere.  It was much easier when they were little!  Bud and I had a lovely evening; Bud was in high spirits and what can I say?  After eight years together, he can still surprise me.  I'll just leave it at that.  Here are some picts from the evening:
Me and my niece, Amber.  A brilliant woman--takes after her Aunt!

My niece Kelli and I at the church.  It was rainy and chilly--
so thankful for the warm red shawl!

The beautiful flowers before Bud got a hold of them.

The gorgeous bride with all her Aunties--I'm in the grey dress.  Can you tell it's an open bar?

Bud decided that a flower in his ear completed his look.  He had a good time
at the reception and promptly feel asleep as soon as he hit the bed.
My sister with two more of our nieces, Hannah & Laura

My lil' peanut, Cole, busting a rug--this kid can dance!

I have learned one thing about Bud:  apparently, bubbles are not safe around him.  My niece had little bubble favors for everyone to blow as they came out of the church.  Bud decided he enjoyed it so much, he continued randomly blowing bubbles during the reception, at breakfast the next morning, and at the mall.  I must confess, it was hilarious to see little kids running behind him at the mall  chasing  bubbles.  I  think I know what to get him for Christmas--a big bottle of bubble fun!  I like bubbles of a different kind--the kind found in champers, of course.

So another child all grown up and married.  It is strange to see my brothers and sisters as "parents of the bride/groom".  And two are already grandparents.  I will continue to enjoy all their offspring as they grow up, get married, and start their lives as adults.  But, I will always remember them as the sweet little kids they were.  And, of course, keep reminding them that I am their "favorite Auntie in the whole wide world!" Man, an Auntie's work is never done :)  Now I must go recover.   Nighty night!

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