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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mental and Physical Update!

It's been a few days since my disastrous half-marathon, and today's another day off.  Yesterday I made it through about 2 hours of work before I threw in the towel and came home.  We have a large store, and for the first hour, I was "on duty", which meant every five minutes I was being paged to the cashwrap.  It played havoc with my leg, and limping around was making it worse.  It didn't help that the only ibuprofen I have at home expired last September--oops.   I took some anyway yesterday morning, and I'm still alive, so phew.  But it proved highly ineffective, so I stopped and got some that wasn't expired and came home to my purple couch island, coffee, and sweatpants.   

First order of business:  Ice pack on the back leg.  It felt soooo good.  Next:  food and ibuprofen.  After that:  reading a book, and finally taking a nap to make up for the sleepless night I had before.  I was on my couch island for pretty much the rest of the day and night.  My leg was continuing to give me occasional charlie horse twitches, but the ibuprofen certainly took the edge off of it.  I don't know how runners put up with these injuries all the time.  They are just downright irritating!  Oh grasshopper, you must have patience.  

Last night I finally slept most of the night!  Although I did wake up at 4 AM  (this seems to be a pattern lately).  I keep expecting to see some strange phenomenon standing at the edge of my bed (shades of Amityville Horror!) so I read some more.  Hey, I'm getting my reading done!

I felt better this morning; my hamstring is still sore, but much improved over yesterday.  As long as I don't make any sudden movements, I can hobble around more gracefully than yesterday.  It's a beautiful day, although a bit windy.  I would love to mow my yard, but the sidewalk dudes are in my  back yard (yes, it's STILL not done) and I am not up to being stared at whilst I mow.  I did wash and scrub my front porch free of all the dust and muck from my sanding project last month.  It looks so pretty now!  I will have to add repainting my railings to my spring to do list.  For now, I'm just glad my house doesn't look like a roadside disaster anymore.  At least from the front! Kinda like a mullet--business up front, party in the back!  Yard work and cutting down the dead stuff is on the list for next week.

Anyway, thanks to those who have talked to me and left comments about Sunday.  Love to you all!  I'm taking the week off from any exercise (does Sunday count?  It didn't seem like exercise, just a living nightmare :P ) and getting my leg and brain back in a happy place.  The weather calls out for comfort food, so it's enchiladas tonight with gobs of sour cream.  I could and do eat sour cream by the spoonful.  The enchiladas are just an excuse to eat sour cream.  Is that wrong?  I don't think so.  Damn tasty.

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