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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Just One of Those Weeks

Looks Like A Great Place To Be!
We all have those weeks where they seem endless, full of stress, and not so much fun.  This is one for me.  I'd love to be sitting in that chair for the whole week, inhaling some lavender and being peaceful.  I think it's time to work on a 40 day mantra to clear out the messies that seem to be surrounding me!  

Yesterday was my day off.  I had a hair appointment, some errands to run, and a plan to make a lovely dinner for Bud and I.  It was a busy weekend, and I was looking forward to seeing Bud and relaxing.  Well, the brakes on my truck weren't working very well, and I  came thisclose to having an accident.  Freaked out, I drove to Bud's shop, where in tears, I told him there was something wrong with my brakes!  Ok, so we'll bleed the lines.  Ok.  Maybe not so easy.  Bud dropped what he was doing (running a business!) to work on my truck, while I called my hair dresser and rescheduled my appointment.  An hour later, the brakes were still not cooperating, and Bud loaned me one of his trucks to drive.  Both of us were very frustrated, and I could see the day was just not going to cooperate!  And I felt horrible making more work for Bud.  This seems to happen a lot lately.

I finally caved and went to see my doctor about my leg.  Yes indeed, I did injure my hamstring, and  yes, I should forget about running or even  walking my half marathon on Oct. 17th.  Set up an appointment for today to go to a physical therapist to learn some new stretching for my leg, and find out exactly what kind of exercises I can do.  I made it all day until yesterday evening without losing my cool and crying over it.  But, it's kinda hard to keep crying when you're in a car wash watching your boyfriend lie on the concrete blasting the brake fluid from the undercarriage of your truck!  And Bud is quick to say "It will be ok, just take it easy for awhile."  

After going to my hair stylist, I returned a few items at the store, and realized I had forgotten to tip Sara. I was horrified, and will fix this ASAP.  Picking up some dinner for Bud, I drove back to his shop, where he was working on my truck.  Now it's 7pm, and the night is done.  It appears the brake part Bud had replaced earlier was defective, and after much effort, the new part put in, the brakes bled again, and test driving the  truck, it looks like we're back in business.  A quick kiss to Bud, and an assurance he was leaving work to go home, and I drove home.  I had washed my bed pillows earlier in the day, and after two runs through the drier, they were still damp!  I took them out, put in my sheets, and waited for them to dry.  I was a bit too impatient, and took them out, walked upstairs, and realized they were still damp.  Deep breath.  I found a clean sheet in my closet, said F*** it, and went to bed.  

So today is a do-over.  I have to work, and go to my physical therapy, and probably won't see Bud tonight.  My sheets are still damp, and it's very gloomy outside.  So, that lovely picture is keeping me calm.  I think when I get home tonight, I will take a lavender scented bath and have a glass of wine, along with a caprese salad.  That will keep me going all day.  I have some time off next week, and besides starting the opus Wolf Hall, I'll be taking care of some Fall clean up.  Scrubbing my kitchen floor seems like a good stress reliever!

Sometimes, we just have one of those weeks.  I'm looking forward to Saturday, seeing all my family, and spending a night with Bud away from home.  Relax?  Hope so!


  1. Stressed spelled backwards is "desserts" - time to find some sticky toffee pudding!!!

  2. Just bring me a whole bathtub full, I will be able to tuck it away!

  3. sucky day my friend... we all get those freakin days where everything goes wrong, it was yours, which means tomorrow has to be better!!!! my fingers are crossed.. get a good night sleep!

  4. Awww, sorry you had such a terrible day. But clever you for sorting it out with a do-over. Enjoy that bath! [she said, 7 weeks into the bathroom remodel, another 3 weeks to go...eek!]

  5. Bathroom remodels are a living hell. Hope you have plenty of relaxation geared up for when it's done! Today was a much better day!


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