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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey! Hamstring Still Hurts! A Craptastic Attempt To Run

I'm normally a middle of the road person--optimistic sometimes, pessimistic others.  Not really leaning towards one or the other.  I'm beginning to think the positive thinking thing is working against me, dammit!  I had silly "positive reinforcement" images in my head all morning, as I looked outside at the beautiful morning and planned on giving running another try.  It's been a week, and the leg feels better, but not 100%.

I drove to the park, and walked about 3/10 of a mile, hoping to warm up my legs.  Then I began to jog.  Bad idea.  The leg immediately seized up, and memories of the half marathon pain came flooding back.  But, I wasn't ready to quit.  I started walking again, stopped to stretch my legs, and kept trying to run a bit.  I looked like a lumbering gimpy cow!  The only positive things were  the warm weather and listening to my Ipod tunes that I haven't listened to for the past week.  I was pissed.  So, I kept walking and attempting to run short distances, thinking "surely this will get better!"

I made it three miles before I realized the hamstring wasn't going to stretch out and be comfy, and quite frankly, I was tired of the pain in my leg.  I would have liked to continue, cause I was hitting all my favorite songs on the Ipod, and I didn't want to stop listening.    But,  I stopped, called Bud, and reported my results.  I'm going to wait another week to try running again, and hope it's healed by then.  I will go to the gym and try the elliptical, and ride my bike.  We'll see how it goes.  I can't just not do any exercise; I already feel like a schlump.  I think my cravings for Ho-Ho's and no exercise are directly related.  The less I exercise, the more I want those delicious little treats.  And I know where to get them at about 5 different locations within moments of my house.

I did come home and spend about 15  minutes pulling weeds and picking up sticks in my back yard, so that helped with the angst and I got some tasks done.  When I mow, I won't have to spend any time before hand picking up the yard.  There are still lots of weeds, but not as many as before!  And, tomato  plants are now in the Yardy, ready to become compost.  I picked quite a few seeds off my Morning Glory vines, and bagged them up to try planting next year.  I'm going to be very unforgiving and mow down most of the garden, too.   A hot summer, a back yard full of construction, and no time from me made this year's garden my most disappointing.  I will sing songs to the plants and apologize profusely as I whack 'em down.  I promise next year to do better, and I'm already thinking about what I want to plant next spring.  Does Hostess sell Ho-Ho plants?

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