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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dress Shopping--Where Have All The Dresses Gone?

My niece's wedding is next weekend, and after trying on the two dresses I have (haven't worn a dress since the last family wedding two years ago), I realized they just didn't fit.  Either my boobs got bigger, or really, I just gained more weight.  Or both.  So, off to the mall to find a new dress.  This is what I found when I could locate a dress section in a store:

Too matronly--I am not feeling it!

Over the Top
Quite frankly, I was astounded at the lack of decent dresses available.   I did try on a few, but nothing looked good on me at all!  I must confess, I am not in the know when it comes to dress fashion, but really, it seems they are either too tight and short, or made for retirees.  Where are the dresses for women in the middle?  Women who don't have a perfectly thin figure, have boobs, and a bit of a tummy?  I'd love to wow Bud, but I'm having a hard time finding anything that will "wow" me.  

This is what I'm looking for:

Talking to Bud last night, he also is having a wardrobe issue--this is a man who lives and works in jeans and dark blue t-shirts.  He hasn't worn anything requiring a tie for years.  I think  a trip to the bigger mall down the interstate may be required.  I did find a grey skirt that I liked, and I bought it, thinking I have to go back and find a cute top to wear, and black heeled boots to wear with it.  My idea of spending money only on a new pair of heels (no, I don't even have a pair of heels)  has disappeared, as I realize I will have to go new head to toe!

It is my luck that I met and fell in love with a man who prefers me dressed in casual gear, not dripping in perfume, and says I look more beautiful without makeup than other women who slather it on.  But I still want to look like a woman who made an attempt to look feminine for once.  I can't wear running shorts and sneakers!  Wish me luck in the great dress hunt.


  1. ugh! I know! Where are the dresses for US?? The last dress I bought, besides, wedding dress, was at Von Maur in the old lady section and it was just a skirt. I had to find a cute shirt to go with it... hmmmm, I wish you luck, my friend! :-)
    Also, rest that hamstring or it will take forever to heal! ;-D

  2. Will do, Eva. Have tried stretching it with the old towel on foot method, and it is sore! Needless to say, the right leg doesn't feel in the slightest sore. I'm trying to be patient....


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