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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Review: Georgia's Kitchen

I know, I usually review books on my other blog: bookalicious babe, but I couldn't help but share this one with everyone!  Here's my review on Barnes and

A Yummy Food Lover's Novel

Reader Rating 4 starsSee Detailed Ratings

Posted 09/21/10: Georgia's Kitchen is a great read for anyone who loves novels that combine the worlds of food and fiction. Georgia is a woman I think many of us can relate to--you think you've got it all, then find out maybe it's not what it appeared to be. So what do you do? Go out and reinvent your life! All of the characters are fully developed, the descriptions of the food are delicious, and anyone who has ever wanted to go to Italy will devour this book in one gulp. I couldn't put it down. Perfect for reading groups who like to concentrate on food-themed books. The book includes questions for discussion and a chat with the author. It's going on my Staff Recommends at my B&N pronto!

So what more can I say?  Poor Georgia.  Working for a lousy lothario has gotten her unemployed and humiliated in the cooking world of New York City. She moves to Italy for the summer, working at a friend's new trattoria near Florence.  Time to think, time to plan, time to have a smoochy smoochy with a gorgeous Italian wine maker.  I adored everything about this novel, and hope author Jenny Nelson continues Georgia's story soon!  A new author I will look forward to reading again--just hurry up and write!


  1. Ciao bella! ;D

    I have a stack of cookbooks by my bed (my favourite nighttime reading) but since reading Garden Spells (which C_Joy recommended), maybe this is one I should hunt down :)

  2. Just tried to order it, but not available here until 1 October. So I ordered the follow up to Garden Spells :P

  3. You'll love both of them, I promise!


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