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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Running Through The Cemetery With No Dead People Chasing Me

I mean that with all due respect to the people who found their final resting place in this particular cemetery.  It comes complete with a pioneer section, if you really want to see some old head stones.  Anyway, it's a beautiful cemetery, and fortunately for me, it's fairly close to my house (about a 5 minute drive--10 with road construction) and is built on rolling hills.  It's also very peaceful, has little to no traffic, and is quiet.
This is one hill I made a loop around--it continues straight up

This is another hill I would run up and around to yet one more hill!

This is where I chose to run my 4 miles of hills today.  I figured if I ran up and down the hills for about 40 minutes, I would hit my 4 miles.  I also figured if I ran up and down the hills about 8 times, it would be good. 
I lost count after 4 rounds.  I started running around the cemetery, up one hill, then slowly jogging down the next.  I started criss-crossing lanes, and soon was running up three different hills.  The road meanders through the cemetery, and it's easy to forget what you're doing since, if you're like me, you look at headstones as you run past.  After the first heart pounding hill, it got more bearable.  

There's something deeply satisfying about running up those darn hills.  It's a brief victory, but it feels pretty good to make it up the hill to the top.  And to do it over and over again, well, not only does it wear you out, but it feels like you've accomplished something major.  And, knowing the work I do now will help me in a month keeps me going.  I may not feel quite so flush with hill running victory when I attempt to get out of bed tomorrow morning, though.  

Grabbing the aspirin now!

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  1. I was wondering how your dead run went- can't say I'm surprised that you liked it! I think I came here on a field trip to do rubbings of the tombstones -probably from the pioneer section :-P


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