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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Mattress=Happy Ms. Caboo

A short note to let my huge horde of followers know that I have a new mattress!  Yeah!!!  Bud so kindly listened to my tale of woe yesterday and went to Lebeda after work to try out some mattresses.  He smartly thought, "I will go get Sue and have her try them" instead of just buying the one he thought I would like.  Very good move on his part, as I picked out the one he didn't try!  A short twenty minutes later, a mattress was shoved in the bed of the truck, driven home,  and carried into my house.  Bud thoughtfully yanked the tanked mattress off, put the new one on, and made my bed while I made his birthday dinner.  My platform bed will be created by Bud in the next few weeks, and then the box spring will soon follow the old mattress into oblivion.  

Last night I slept for actual hours at a time, waking to turn and expecting the sagging in the middle to happen.  When it didn't I realized I had a new mattress and promptly went to sleep!  Woke up this morning with no back ache.  So very happy.  Big smiley face!

My bed looks nothing like this, but you get the idea


  1. Does that mean we can have slumber parties now?

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