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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Summer Project Finally Done!

All summer long, I have been wanting to sand and reseal my front porch.  Last year I didn't do it, so it was well past it's prime and looked pretty dull:

Dull and ugly front porch 
After sanding for  some time, I began to see the wood looking better, and it--along with a touch of compulsive sanding behavior, kept me going for two days of sanding:

Looking Better!

Finally, after a day of rain, and a weekend of working, I put my three coats of clear waterproofing on my porch this morning:

Yeah!  Finally done!  Now, just letting it dry nicely in the sun, and then later this week I must wash the front of the house and scrub my railing.  Both have gobs of dust and muck from sanding.  


  1. Congratulations! Let's celebrate -champers all right for you Sweetie?

  2. but of course! I welcome champers anytime!

  3. Hey! It looks GREAT!! Awesome job!


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