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Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Am My Own Worst Enemy Part Deux

I got a lecture from Bud this afternoon, when I got home from work and debated not running at all while I ate some cherry cheesecake.  It's sticky and gross out again, and I can't whine enough about being tired of running in this weather!  I just didn't want to run at all.   Especially as it was already almost 5 o'clock.
So Bud said, "Get out there and run up that hill three times and just get done with it!"  I didn't really have a choice:  continue to eat my cheesecake, not run, and have to confess to Bud, or put down the cheesecake, put on my running gear, and run for 30 minutes with a tummy full of cheesecake?  Oh, the guilt.
I went out and ran.  Kinda.  I walked halfway up the first nasty hill, since I was not warmed up, and trotted up the rest of it, and turned the corner to continue up the incline.  Then it was down the hill, and up another one.  I turned around, and trotted down that hill, then stared up at the super big hill I had to get through.  Trot, trot, trot.  Wipe face off with shirt.  Trot, exhale heavily, squeeze sweat out of the back of my hair, and get up that damn hill!  
I turned the corner, then ran down the earlier hill, grabbed some water, then started up the hill again.  This time I just turned around and trotted back down, then ran up again.  Trotted down again.  Get the picture?  Yep, it was as fun as reading about it!  I didn't run my 5 miles of hills; I think it was more like 3.  

I'm a bit freaked out about the half marathon in two weeks.  I guess the nervousness is good.  The one race I wasn't nervous for I totally tanked and took forever to finish.  Bud and I are going to drive the route, so I can have nightmares about getting lost and being waaaay in the back of the pack.  Ever try those mind games to get you in the zone?  Oh, I have.  I think I have to try a little harder.  It will help to have some familiar faces near the end, so I will have to run  harder and finish with a smile on my face.

This week:  a 13 miler, some speed work, and some short runs.  Hoping to get the long run over with early in the week. 




  1. You're a good girl -I couldn't bring myself to do my long walk this evening. I felt sick just walking from the garage to the house! So I'll probably do my long walk tomorrow, which I think is going to be just as icky :-P

  2. Good luck on Sunday! You can do it! Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


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