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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hunkering Down at Home

I realized today that treating my couch like an island in August feels just the same as it does in February.  The weather outside is oppressively hot  rather than  bone chilling, but other than that, and wearing shorts, it's exactly the same.  
I have a really BIG house so I can  fit this island in my living room!
I stay inside and lay or sit on my couch, with the TV remote, a drink, and a book handy.  Of course, with the air conditioning on, I also have a quilt to cover my legs when I get chilled, as I do in the winter.  My house is at 74-75 degrees with the air on; in the winter, it's 64 degrees with the heat on.  

I occasionally turn on the TV to see what's happening with the weather, or to see the news.  Otherwise, I read a book, put my glasses on, and fall asleep for quick 10 minute cat naps.  Then I go back to reading again.

In the winter, I don't feel as lazy as I do now.  With the sun shining, and no excuse like icy roads or below zero wind chills, I feel compelled to be outside, even though it's thoroughly miserable.  Too hot to mow, too hot to run, too hot to sit on the front porch.  Too hot to drive around with the windows down.  I stopped and got a chocolate malt, and it was liquid by the time I got home.  This was a five minute trip with the air on in the car.

No Bud tonight; he's got plans, so my late afternoon and evening are one long reading fest for me.  Finally finishing up all of my yearly doctor appointments (the chocolate malt was a reward for that!), the dishes are done, and bills are paid.  A trip earlier today to the YMCA to work on the elliptical and ride the bike, so cross-training is done.  Hey, now that I think about it, I actually did some stuff today!

Off to my island!  Happy reading all, and stay cool.  You have my permission to have a chocolate malt.

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