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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Few Things I Learned Today

1.  Do not skip applying the anti-chaffing stick to every place on my body that I think may chafe while running.  I forgot two very important spots, and have resulting welts and unidentifiable bumps that hurt like hell in delicate places.  Should I call disease control?
2.  Even if it's cooler outside today than it has been in weeks, apply anti-chafing stick.  Everywhere.
3.  Sanding a wooden front porch floor with a hand sander for 6 hours over a two day period results in ringing ears and a tingling hand.  It also results in a hand that will not function much for a few days.
4.  Cutting short my long run by 2 miles to run home to finish sanding resulted in said  sanding being done, just in time for it to rain.  I should have finished my run!
5.  Because of the rain, I cannot finish--my last two miles of running, or put the sealer on my deck until tomorrow.
6.  There is never a good time to make a dentist appointment.  Mine is in 30 minutes.  It has interrupted my whole day!
7.  A sander will send dust against your house, on your clothes, in your hair, and if you're not careful, your contacts.
8.  Do not touch anything after you've sanded, as this results in said dust getting all over EVERYTHING!
9.  Kneeling on a front porch (even with my little handy garden cushion) and being 43 results in the inability to stand up straight for at least a day and gives you a butt cramp.  Ever had one?  Think Charley Horse except in your tushy.
10.  Learning to just go "oh well" will lower your blood pressure and keep you calm.
11.  Don't ask your boyfriend what kind of sealer to buy for the front porch.  This causes him to say, "I have some at home", possibly delaying finishing my porch tomorrow!
12.  A good pasta dish, some red wine, and a delightful book (The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise) will make it all better tonight!

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  1. Let me know when the Front Porch Grand Opening Ceremonies will be held -I'm sure we can find something taste to sip while we watch the world go by :-D


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