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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Duh, Duh, Duh

I ran some hills this morning, and I feel pretty darn good about it!  This is the first time I have ever made an effort to "run hills" in any of my training programs.  I just always avoided it.  But now, I can see how they do make a difference!  I noticed it last week, when I was running my two 5 milers, and my 14 miler.  Erin was a source of inspiration for me--thank you!  In one of her blogs, she said she was not going to walk, and kept telling herself to keep moving.  I decided this was what I was going to do, and I did it for these two 5 milers.  I would have done better on the 14 miler, except for the gut cramps.  Phooey.

Anyway, this is what helped me run farther:  telling myself I could not walk, that I was doing ok, and my hill work.  I actually ran up the hill today and forgot what I was doing until I realized I had reached the top.  How do you forget that you're running up a very steep hill?  I guess my body just took over!  It was still tough, but I can feel the difference in my legs, and it gives me a big boost of confidence for the upcoming half-marathon this Sunday.  I feel about as ready as I can be, and with a few more short runs this week, I am concentrating on getting my breathing down to a calm rhythm in the first few miles.  They are always the toughest for me, especially with the adrenalin and fear coursing through my system at the start of a race.

One more thing--another duh moment.  I was watching The Spirit of the Marathon yesterday--watch it if you can.  Groups of people were in training together, and the documentary  showed people running with their bottle belts.  It took me awhile, but I realized the runners with one bottle had the bottle turned so it was ON THEIR BACKS.  Oh, idiot Sue.  I thought my bottle was supposed to rest on my hip!  No, it goes on my back! So, I promptly stood up, strapped on my belt, and ran back and forth in my living room.  And guess what?  The bottle didn't move!  DUH!  Now to just figure out how to gracefully reach around, grab the bottle, and drink while still running.

I'm probably not going to use it this weekend, but I will train with it, and run with it in October for the Des Moines Half-Marathon.  I guess I won't be gifting this to C-Joy after all.  Does anyone have a piece of ocean front property they want to sell me? ! :P


  1. Hmmm, were there DIRECTIONS with your water bottle? I don't think Ty is going to let you live this one down! Anyhoo, so glad your hill work is paying off & super glad the cold front should be in place for your marathon. Go Team ms. caboo!!!!!

  2. yes, there were directions--kinda. Simply said it fits snug on your that lead me to think it rested on my hip!

  3. So *that's* what's up with those bottles?! No wonder I never bothered with them...felt like they were jiggling all over the place! ;D


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