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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, I was Right

I was right yesterday.  I did do enough exercises at the gym that I was painfully sore this morning, so much that I couldn't get out of bed to run before work.  So, like a good woman in training, I ran after work.  You know how you can run and kick your butt at the same time?  Haven't tried it?  You should.  I did this afternoon.  I kicked myself in the butt for 3 miles, sweating and muttering "Why didn't I run this morning? You idiot!"  It was rather HOT outside!

But, I was happy with my run.  I just went slow, and managed to squeeze in 3 instead of 4 miles before I stopped.  Now tomorrow morning, I will definitely get up early (hopefully no showers!) and run before work.  I know I will be much happier at 4:30, when I can leave work, go home, and relax!

Off to bathe, get the stink off, and make some bruschetta for supper.  

Hope you have a great evening!

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