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Monday, July 26, 2010

White Sangria--Mixed Results

My White Sangria-First Experiment
Sunday seemed like a great day to try making Sangria.  I decided on White Sangria, just because I liked the idea.  After perusing recipes online, I realized it pretty much doesn't matter how you make it, since you can put in any fruit you want, any white wine you want, and, if you want, other booze.

So I stuck with white wine, and looked in my fridge for available fruit.  I cut up strawberries, an orange, lemon, and lime, squeezing some of the juice into the wine.  I also had some frozen blueberries, so I dumped a few of them in there, too.  I also added some simple syrup to the mix.  It sat in my fridge all day, until Bud came over for supper.  I was very excited to get his reaction to the sangria.  I poured two glasses, and topped them off with some club soda.

It wasn't what I hoped for.  He didn't care too much for the sangria, saying it was "flat".  Neither one of us could tell what was missing, so I added more simple syrup to my glass, and it tasted better.  I think what was missing was more booze!  Next time, I will try again and add some brandy, which seems to be the overwhelming choice for most recipes.  Bud did insist on drinking his glass, and actually asked for another during our meal; maybe the taste improved with food.  I just know we drank the equivalent of two bottles of wine, and wow, didn't even pay attention to that!  Usually, we can manage one bottle of wine, but two?  The fruit fooled us.

I did discover that I will have to purchase a new glass pitcher for Sangria.  The pitcher I have isn't big enough.  Geez, what a cook must do to maintain standards in her kitchen.  Anyway, that's two recipes off my cooking bucket list.  I think homemade pizza on the grill is up next.  The turkey will have to wait for cooler weather.

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