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Friday, July 23, 2010

What Does 80% Humidity Feel Like? I Know!

So can I just join the chorus of whiners around the United States and say, "What is up, Mr. Sun and Ms. Humidity?!"

Can you give us a break?  Please!  Our veggie plants are wilting and browning, our flowers don't know what to do, and I'm not alone in running my air conditioning for three weeks straight.  

I'd like to go outside and not break into an ugly sweat before I get into my car.  I'd like to sit on my porch and read a good book, but it's so wet and muggy outside everything sticks--including the chair to my behind!   I think the skin on the backs of my legs is slowly regenerating and healing.

And exercise?  Well, even getting up at 4:45 AM to run is not possible.  This morning, I stepped outside to check the weather, and my glasses promptly fogged up.  I stepped back inside, reset my alarm, and went to sleep for another hour.  No running today!  By some miracle I thought a cool front was moving through this afternoon, but I left work and stepped outside into the same goopy air  I thought I left in the parking lot at 7:30 this morning.  

What about supper?  Nothing sounds good.  Who wants to grill out, or even go to a restaurant in this weather?  Is your temper on a short fuse?  Mine's ok, but geez, some people have become decidedly unfriendly.  

One bonus, though.  I can now easily identify the weeds that are the only thing flourishing outside.  They are much taller and fuller than my flowers, and don't wilt at all in this weather.  And, I am getting my reading done every week.  

I am *Gasp* starting to longingly look forward to October, colored leaves, and pumpkin bread.  

Have a cool and comfy weekend!

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  1. It is so awful the kids at school complain when we have outdoor recess -it's too hot for them! Outdoor ickies + several whining children = recess in the gym


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