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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Running Week in Review-- I Made My Goal!

I just finished up my last run for the week, and now I'm cleaned up and my appetite is waking up rapidly!  I need food!!  Mexican, hopefully.

My weekly running goal for this week was 21 miles, and with my 5 mile run today after work, I did it.  I'm so happy with myself.  It was hot running; the humidity was bearable, but I am so used to complaining about the smothering effects of a high dew point, I've  forgotten what it's like to just have it be hot outside.  Can you tell I prefer to run when it's 60-65 outside?

I have to say I am feeling better about my running, although I am still frustrated at my slow pace.  I hope the alternating weeks of hill and speed work over the next month will help improve my speed on race day--which is on Sept. 5th--about a month away!  I'm debating getting a waist belt for carrying my drinks with me when I run long distances.  It would be nice to have my preferred beverage with me, and then I wouldn't have to stop at the drink stations, cutting into my time.  I'm going to check them out and think about it, although I need to decide quickly so I can practice running with it.

So next week is only 18 miles:  hill work of 4 miles, a long run of 6 miles, and a few more 4 milers thrown in.  Two days of cross-training and one day off.  The day off will have to be tomorrow, since I work all day and I can squeeze in the rest during the week.

I am going to have to replace the pads in my shoes sometime soon, and I have a problem with my running shoes:  I've managed to poke a hole in the tops of both shoes where my big toe resides.  I've superglued one shoe, and it seems to be holding.  I guess I'll do the same with the other one.  I may have to get another pair of shoes before I run my third and final half marathon in October.


  1. Hooray!!! Let me know what you decide about the belt -I was just wondering yesterday as I did my first long walk how people train w/out a loop trail or support staff. There is no way I could have carried the amount of water I drank yesterday without a backpack :-P

  2. Will do! And congrats on starting your training!


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