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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Running Recap for This Week--Mother Nature Packs a Wallop!

My sad smiley face
Well, my goal total mileage this week was 19 miles.  I failed to reach my goal.  I am disappointed, since I did so well last week!  

The weather has definitely been a factor.  I still have a difficult time running in high humidity.  It just does not make running a feel good experience.  But, I made myself run twice today, to make up for my lack of running on Friday--I should have run 4 miles yesterday, but between storms and the high humidity, it just wasn't in the cards.  Going down to the gym is equally unpleasant, since the humidity level in there (created by all the sweaty people) makes it gross.  I will probably try running there for the speed runs I have to do, since it's easier to do them on a treadmill--you increase your speed, and it's run or fall off the treadmill!  And no holding on--that doesn't count.

I did manage to do my two days of cross-training; one day was weights, another was bike riding.  This next week my mileage increases to 21 miles with a speed day and a hill day, along with a long run of 8 miles.  
So I'm closing the book on this week, and looking ahead to more running delights next week.  I've discovered I really crave honey roasted peanuts after a long run, and while flavored water ( I tried Propel powder in my water bottle) helps me drink more and tastes better during a run, it still doesn't sit very well afterwards.  The search continues for something that hydrates and gives me energy without giving me a queasy stomach.

Must go--the couch is calling me!

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