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Friday, July 2, 2010

A Run, A Ride, and A Margarita

I had today off, and it was a perfect day.  I got up very early and ran 4 miles, went home and had my friend K come over to take some of my flowers from the "condemned" zone in my back yard.  

After getting cleaned up, I took Laura and Cole bike riding.  We rode on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail--five miles out, five miles back.  Ten  miles!  After a few miles, my legs were feeling it.  I told the  kids I would take them for ice cream if we did ten miles, so I kept my word and we hit Parlor City for sweet treats.  I sucked down a chocolate malt, thereby demolishing the calories I'd burned running and biking.  I asked the kids if they were up for 12 miles next week, and they just snorted and said they were done with biking for awhile.  Cole declared he was not going to do any more exercise today, since he had already done so much on the bike ride.  Poor peanut.   

So either I am getting so old I have to take restorative naps, or being out in the sun all day wore me out.  Either way, I went home and passed out on my bed for about an hour.  I simply couldn't wake up!  A quick call to Bud, a run to the grocery store, and we were set for a great night.

It was Mexican night tonight.  We had nachos, homemade guacamole (damn it was good!) and margaritas.  I have to say, they are simply the best margaritas I have ever had.  I'm not even tempted to have them at restaurants because I know we can make them at home at a fraction of the cost, and they taste  so much better.  Here's the recipe--it makes one drink, so I just double it for Bud and I:

2 Oz Tequila
1 Oz  Triple Sec
1 Oz Simple Syrup
1 Oz Key Lime Juice  (you can get this in the juice section of the grocery store next to the bottled lemon juice)

Dump it all in a shaker with ice, and shake shake shake!  I like mine on the rocks, so I just pour it over ice in a glass.  If you like them blended, well... put it in a blender with some ice and blend away!  

So, after nachos and a margarita, Bud and I both passed out on the couch, missing a chunk of the Alice in Wonderland movie.   I thought it was the tequila, but soon realized it was just a movie :)  Bud is still on the couch, sleeping off his supper.  I guess I made some pretty potent margaritas!  

Sorry, no picts of the drinks.   I didn't think of it in time, and they were gone too quick.  I'll post my guacamole recipe  in a future post.  Again, it pays to have a brother living in the Southwest!  He has all the best recipes!  

Have a great July 4th!  Get out and celebrate!  


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