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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh Boy--I Shouldn't Be Home Alone

After a day chock full of stuff at work, I go home, gather some plants from the condemned area of my garden, and hit the road.  C-Joy is home, so I spend some time chatting with her and Ty and fielding demands from Turtle to fix her bike.  C-Joy now has some lilies and flowers from my garden that will hopefully  live on next year!

I stop at my sister's house to go over some party plans we have for August.  It's a place where I can stay indefinitely--just make me some coffee and I'm good for a few hours.  I manage to tear myself away and get home after 7 pm to make supper and try out a new wine:  Cellar No. 8 Pinot Grigio.   I'm pretty sure Ramona from Real Housewives Of New York  City doesn't drink this stuff.  But, since I'm not a housewife, and I don't live in NYC, it's good enough for me!

 Backstory:  Bud and I started out drinking Riesling wine a few years ago.  We've graduated to reds (still don't like really dry).  Unfortunately, the "wine cellar" in my basement has about 8 bottles of Riesling, which is now too sweet for us.  We tried one a few days ago, and somehow managed to drink the  bottle, all the time saying "Man, this is so sweet!"

Anyway-we have plenty of reds, but no whites.   I found the Cellar No. 8 at Hy-Vee for sale, so I picked up a bottle tonight to chill in the fridge while I ran errands.  This was purely research, I'll have you know.  Research for my niece's shower in August.  She wants a mini-wine tasting, so as a good Auntie, I am doing my level best to deliver the goods!  This means research, by me, into some inexpensive whites.  I guess I'll have to actually drink some of these, and Bud's not here tonight to help me.  .  I will do it.  So add pasta, and a HBO documentary to the mix, and you have a tired, slightly tipsy woman watching On Demand HBO.

A friend at B&N recommended I watch a documentary on HBO called "No One Dies at Lily Dale".  If you don't know about Lily Dale, where have you been?  It's a community, established in the 1870's in New York State, that is full of mediums.  People come from far and wide to experience the "spooky" side of life.  As in communicating with the dead.  It was a very interesting documentary, about the mediums and the people who come to Lily Dale now to find comfort or to even question what happens there.  You've got it all--your totally convinced people, your Holy Rollers who carry their high-lighted Bibles and want to prove everyone wrong (believing in something they can't prove (the Lord Jesus), yet dismissing those people who believe in something they can't prove (a life beyond this one provided by yours truly, God?!  What?/!!)  Needless to say, it's now on my bucket list, along with Salem, MA.

Anyway, I immediately called my sister PH to tell her to watch it.  As a believer in life after life, I must say my Dad is probably busting a gut  right now.  Shaking his head at his crazy girl. And saying, "what are you drinking wine for?  Mix up a Whiskey Sour!"  My Dad didn't drink much at all, but on occasion we would mix up Whiskey Sours for Christmas Eve.  Yum.  I only know they involve lemonade, whiskey, ice, and a blender.  That's all I know!  I've never actually made them.  Something I will have to investigate.

Anyway, I have researched thoroughly Cellar No. 8 Pinot Grigio and  how to fix a small child's bike (thank you,  Turtle!).   I can say it takes about  4 glasses to finish a bottle ( I  did not make that--two was my limit-honest!), and it passes muster for a wine tasting.  I know enough about fixing a kid's bike to know I can't do it.

Off to read The Passage on my NOOK before  bed.  I'm actually going to get up early before work and run a few miles tomorrow morning!  Can't wait!  And--I'm officially a participant in the Bo-Fest Half Marathon in CR on September 5th!  Woohoo!!  Training begins next week.

Have a great Friday!


  1. Fantastic! Bring your bike tools over (hopefully you have a magic wand to make Turtle's legs long enough to ride her bike) & I will provide a tasting of my favorite inexpensive white wine. For research, of course :D

  2. I'm sure we can find a potion or a cake a la Alice in Wonderland for Turtle to grow and shrink as needed! If not, I will find my magic wand. It's a little dusty :)


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