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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hill Work--Enjoyable or Soul Sucking Exercise? Discuss

I went out and ran this morning after posting my last blog.  It was windy, and the sun was not yet peaking out from the clouds.  It was quite peaceful and, while sticky, not overly so.

That is, until I started my "hill work".  In running, it's recommended that you run up and down hills to not only build strength in your legs, but it also helps your body run farther, since it's used to working hard to get up and down hills.  I usually never run on hills, since I have a few running spots and they're mostly flat.  

So today was 4 miles of hills.  I gulped some water, then started at a sloooow trot near my sister's house.  She lives on a hill, and the streets around her all gradually build up to a hill which is pretty steep.  I had no idea how far my run actually was, so I guessed with my time.  Running up and down streets, enjoying the John Tesh show on my Ipod, and looking to see who was up early on a Sunday morning.  Not too many were up early.  

It quickly got very warm and sticky, and I alternated between short  walk breaks and running up hills.  I have lots of room for improvement, and while it was hard, I'm really excited to know that I will see improvement every week as I run hills.  And, I've found lots of new streets to run on through some  pretty neighborhoods that are quiet and all paved with sidewalks!

Now the sun is out, it's getting steamier, and I'm glad to be done!  I think my legs will be feeling the hills later on today.  


  1. John Tesh on my iPod always makes me run fastet too, but no matter how fast I go I can never get away from him. Oh no! There he is now and he brought Kenny G!

  2. very funny! He actually has lots of good info on his show and plays decent music. It's as close to listening to audio that I will get!


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