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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garden Update

Well, here I go again messing with my blog.  I accidentally on purpose found out how to adjust the width, so my blog actually looks a little less chaotic.  I decided to add a flower from my garden, since, well, my blog is about my "blossoming life".  At least, that was my goal!  

I picked my hydrangea because I bought this particular bush about 4 years ago, and it has never bloomed.  Ever.    It was part of my great garden relocation last spring, and somehow, this year, it has finally bloomed lovely bluish-purple flowers!  I'm so happy!  

And also, finally, my morning glories are popping out--

I was beginning to wonder if they were a lost cause this year, but once again I was proven wrong.  My potted Roma tomatoes, however, are questionable.  I have quite a few on one plant, but they refuse to ripen.  I'm hoping the next few days of intense sun will do the trick.  Bud's grape tomatoes are green, too.  The crazy rain deluge we had yesterday afternoon caused the main branch of the plant to break, although not clean through.  I'm hoping a little tender loving care will keep it intact until the tomatoes can ripen.  

Bud and I have a garden set up at his business, but I haven't been over there for the last two weeks.  Bud has picked zucchini, which his Mom promptly made into zucchini pancakes.  They are tasty!  Weeds are beginning to outnumber everything else, but it's way too muddy to go into the garden.  I fear I wouldn't be able to get back out.  I'm planning to check it out later this week--providing we don't get anymore rain!  

Basil--looking pretty darn good!  If I could only pick it before the bugs get to it.  I think it's time to make some pesto, or another dinner with bruschetta!  A favorite summer dinner item for Bud and I.  

Tomorrow it's supposed to be near 90 with our ever present humidity making it miserable.  I think it would be a good time to make my gazpacho, since it is on by cooking bucket list.  Stay tuned!

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