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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8 Mile Run is Done!

I went out today and ran my long run for the week--8 miles.  I started at 7:03 AM, and finished at 8:40 AM.  This included stopping for water breaks and my final stretches after the last mile.  It was very difficult and the backs of my legs are feeling it!  But it's done!  Can't wait for cooler weather--I've forgotten what it's like to run in  the 60's with low humidity.  I can only expect my running will be better, since I won't be literally dripping with sweat.  The only thing on me that was dry was the top of my head.  Seriously.  The top of my head.  How terribly attractive I looked! This was certainly an ugly sweat.

Going to take a quick nap now--I am pooped.  Two more shorter runs to complete this week to get to my 21 miles--a 4 miler and a 5 miler.  

A close representation of moi...but the chicken is running faster

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