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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Restart

I was looking for running blogs this morning, and through the magic of internet surfing, found which allows you  to create a ticker for anything from exercise goals and  money goals to more personal goals.  I happily created a ticker for myself for a running goal of 20 miles a week.  It's very doable, since I've done it before, and if I put it on my blog, I know someone is watching to see if I do it every week!

I also drank too much coffee this morning, and am waiting for it to settle before I go out and run.  It's a beautiful, coolish morning--much better than yesterday's hot and muggy enough to be icky weather.  I have a few days off in a row this week, and a few night shifts at the end of the week, so I will have plenty of running opportunities!  I am participating in the Run The Flood race on June 12th.  It is a 7 mile run through areas of Cedar Rapids which were horribly flooded in June 2008, and my entry fee goes to the Block By Block Organization which helps to rebuild devastated areas one block at a time.

I ran this race last year, and was happy with my 71 minute time.  The route is very flat and winds through neighborhoods and downtown near Mercy Hospital, which all was under water just two years ago.  It's great to run a race in Cedar Rapids, where I only have to drive a few minutes to compete and not stay at a hotel!

So, here is my question:  There is a half marathon Sept. 5th in Cedar Rapids.  As far as I know, it's the first half marathon in CR!  Should I do it?  I am running the half marathon in Des Moines with my friend C-Joy in Oct., so if I do this, it will be three half marathons this year!  Since my unpleasant and frustrating half marathon last weekend, I need to prove to myself I can do better.  I have a few weeks to decide.

So, blog followers, I need your input.  Yes or No?  Go for three half marathons this year or just do two?  Just so you  know, I am leaning towards doing three.  Of course, I would hope to see friends and family at the finish line in Cedar Rapids.  It ends at the Chrome Horse Saloon, so beer for everyone afterwards!  Or, I suppose a mixed drink would be ok, too.  I will have beer.


  1. I say GO FOR IT!!! coz I'll still make you go to DM with me even if it is just to cheer when I cross the finish line :D

  2. I will be happy to go to DM with you and be ready with the camera to take photos of your finish! I won't miss out on that one!

  3. Don't be a wuss. Do three, jeez what's the freaking question?

  4. Ty, I can always count on you to be simple in your replies :)

  5. Have you considered doing your 'own' race? I'm not signing up for any official races this year...I'm going to pick a date and time that suits me and invite my friends over for lunch to celebrate when I'm done! :)

  6. Diane: That is a great idea! I like to sign up for races, because it forces me to actually train with a goal in mind. If I left it up to myself, it wouldn't happen. If I spend money to enter a race, I will do it! I will keep your idea in mind, though. I like the idea of a celebration afterwards!

  7. Do you it! I think it's fantastic of you; I could never do it. Plus, it will be in CR and everyone will be able to come watch (and celebrate)!


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