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Friday, May 21, 2010

Beauty and the Beast: My Yard

It's been a crazy week, it's Friday, and I've got plans for the weekend that don't include my yard.  So, I rushed home from work, finished planting tomatoes in my container garden, put my screens in my windows for some extra breeze, and decided to check out the garden.

Oh my.  I haven't mowed all week, I haven't weeded, and while Mother Nature generously gives with one hand, she taketh away with the other.  The daisies are blooming, my lavender is showing signs of growth, but the weeds have come to party.
I took a few moments to pull the most obnoxious ones--those that blocked the view of actual flowers.  Within a few moments, I had a pile on the grass.

The grass.  Man, what a mess!  I'm afraid this weekend's extreme heat and humidity will accelerate the growth into a small jungle.  I hope my mower is up to the task on Monday!

My pink  peonies are getting very close to popping open.  I love the fragrance and the look, but hate the ants crawling all over the flowers.  I know it's a necessary part of the process, but ick.  One good storm and they will be drooping.

My Dad's tree is doing marvelously well again this year.  Each year I step outside after a hard winter and check to see if it's made it through another season.  I like to think the tree is just as stubborn as my dear Pops was, and so far it looks to be that way.  I love the color, especially when my baby blue flowers bloom--and that will be soon!

I did find some whimsy in the garden:  my friend Freddy the Frog decided to wear a hat today and put a smile on my face.  

So the battle continues, and  the score is:  Suecaboo: Zero;  Mother Nature: Eleventy Billion.  

I have another side flower garden to plant, and general maintenance to attend to next week.  I'll take a few days off from running, and straighten up Freddy's home.  

Have a great weekend!  And if you're in Iowa, stay cool!

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  1. I'm feeling like it's a constant battle too! LOL But as long as I keep weeding/tidying for 15minutes every other day and mowing the lawn, the garden actually looks pretty good.

    Loved the frog! ;)


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