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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shrimpalicious! A Red Lobster Adventure

A huge deal for me tonight--I ate shrimp.  Those who know me understand my deep dislike, suspicion, and  the utter gross-out factor that seafood had always played in my life.  I couldn't even eat fish sticks as a kid.  Lent at McDonalds?  I would take the fish off the bun and eat the melted cheese with the tartar sauce on the bun  ( it was pretty darn tasty, too).  I ate cod in Ireland but it was covered with sauce and I had some lovely Irish cider to wash it down.  At least two pints.

So I have taken toddler  steps towards eating seafood since I met Bud.  He likes it all, and in the name of love and healthy eating, I've attempted to make fish and I do make shrimp scampi for him on occasion.  I mostly eat the buttery sauce with a good dipping bread.  Maybe a few shrimp.  Fish, not so much.  I have tried, but just can't do it.  Although I will say drinking wine along with seafood blunts the taste; and a ton of sauce on the seafood also helps me forget I'm eating fish.    Almost.  And discard the healthy factor as I add more sauce.

So Bud and I went to Red Lobster tonight with his parents.  I've been there before, and usually order the only chicken dish on the menu.  This time (and without any alcohol at all) I decided to make the bold move and try some shrimp.  Never mind that this seems to be the one key ingredient on the Red Lobster menu.  I thought they would have more choices, but no, shrimp was featured in just about every item  except for the entrees that had lobster, crab, and scallops--ick. I chose a two combo platter, with shrimp scampi and cajun shrimp.  I was hoping the caesar salad and two cheddar biscuits I had  before the shrimp would satisfy my hunger, but leave me open for trying some shrimp.  I knew Bud would eat whatever I didn't so no money wasted.

I did eat most of the shrimp and it was good.  I also tried Bud's coconut shrimp and grilled shrimp with bacon.  We all know bacon makes everything better, and in this case, it completely obliterated the taste of shrimp!  Go bacon!

I think Bud was proud of me.  I actually ate shrimp and didn't get grossed out.  I am now full to bursting thanks to the fries, salad, and biscuits I inhaled along with the shrimp.

I draw the line at eating a whole fish.  No way.

Don't even get me started on mushrooms.                                                      


  1. Gold star for you, Miss Caboo! I'm so proud of you that I won't parody the Spam song and start chanting "Shrimp..Shrimp..Shrimp..Shrimp -Wonderful Shrimp -Glorious Shrimp!"....


  2. I'll go with Bud next time - I love seafood! Go you for trying it...mushrooms on your menu plan next week? ;)

  3. It is morel mushroom season here now, so I won't be surprised if Bud arrives with some of them to saute with butter. He can have them all!


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