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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mattress Shopping--TMI

My mattress is needing replacement.  It sags in the middle and makes me constantly wake up all night every time I turn in bed.  I wake up with a sore back and not feeling my best.  Bud and I decided to check out a local furniture store that was having a mattress sale.  This is what we found:

No one wants you to just buy the mattress--you must buy a set.  The prices in the sale ad are only if you buy a set, and they charge more if you only want the mattress and not the box spring.

Lying on mattress after mattress in a store does nothing but confuse you and make your back hurt.  After awhile, they all feel either pretty good or uncomfortable, but you can't remember which is which, cause all you're thinking is that your back hurts!

My sales clerk sleeps with her dog in bed, and eats in bed.

My sales clerk really likes the mattress protector, and the pillow protector, because she drools at night.

It's ok to spend gobs of money on a mattress because we're, you know, "aging", and need that comfort.  (Again, from the sales clerk).

Our mattress won't wear out as much as hers would because we're "normal sized" people.

Bud really doesn't like the sales clerk.

I like the really expensive mattress.  You know, the one I can't afford, but would probably give me the best night's sleep I've had in years.

I don't want to know about my sales clerk's bed habits.

It will be a few months before I buy a mattress.  But, I do know the one I want.  The expensive one.  I probably will buy it somewhere else, where the sales clerk is friendly, but doesn't give Too Much Information!


  1. I think you're being too hard on the mattress sales drone. She sells mattresses for a living, sleeps with her dog, eats in bed, and apparently is larger than normal size. All she wants is a little human contact. It's a shame you didn't buy from her. Now she has no choice but to walk into her store with a .45 and a gleam in her eye.

  2. I once worked in a (non-book related) store where the manager used to cheerfully inform the customers that she took baths with her enormous dog. Yeah, she was C.L.A.S.S.Y!


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