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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Every Bloomin' Thing

I came home from work today driving in  balmy 80 degree weather, wondering if I'm in for a long, hot summer.  I hate extreme heat and humidity.  It gives me headaches and makes me cranky.  I pulled up to my house, and saw tulips blooming in the front yard, and a surprise blooming in the back yard:

My bleeding hearts somehow magically popped up, grew quite tall, and bloomed without me noticing until today. They are gorgeous.  
It's been a strange spring so far.  I have tulips blooming everywhere; last year only a few showed up for the party. I just assumed they were all done for, since I had planted them years ago.  Now this spring, they all show up again.  Must be a combination of a warm spring with just enough rain to make a difference.  I've purchased Dahlias, Ranunculus, and a purple spiky thing called Liatris Spicata to plant around the yard for some new flowers this year.  I'll be outside this weekend working in the garden, planting my bulbs and getting ready for the annuals I'll plant later in May.  

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