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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The End of Another Week

I'm watching the weather on TV, and I'm plotting my running days according to the weather.  It looks like next week is going to be excellent weather for outdoor activities! After my running is done,  I plan on actually going out into the yard and cleaning up all the junk I decided to leave last fall.  I've got tulips pushing up,  daffodils ready to bloom, and iris  peeking  around the garage.  I've avoided Menards because I know once I step in the doors, I will gravitate to the seeds and drool over the pretty pictures.  I must have control!

 I'm excited to get things rolling outside--wash the house, sweep up the sand,  pick all the rocks out of the yard, and decide which plants to dig up and gift to someone now, before they grow out of control. Has my lavender survived from last year?  Will my poppies pop up or do I try again this year?  Has my green thumb ditched me for someone who actually weeds on a regular basis?  I don't know, but I'm happy to try again to bring some color to the yard.  Zinnias and morning glories  are definitely on the list.

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